In Which I Introduce You to The Bloggers

Hello, everyone! I’m here again. Yep, now that I hibernated you can’t get rid of me even that easily. Me, along with the other bloggers of Her Book Thoughts would like to greet you all a Happy, HAPPY New Year! 2015 has been great and challenging for each one of us. We get to read, talk to other readers, meet new bloggers and even interact with authors! We just want to say thank you from the bottom of our bookish hearts that YOU (yes, YOU) have been a part of it. Let’s rock 2016 with our awesomenessss!!

…okay Paula,  what is this post really about?

Well, I honestly don’t know why I thought of re-introducing our beautiful selves again and how would it  help anything but I figured since it’s a new year, this would be a great opportunity. Besides, lets face it, some of you may not even know me, or us. There’s 4 of us who is *trying* to keep this crazy (but fun!) workplace running. I’ll be forever grateful for Rhea, Marla and Sam for helping me out with the blog. And to be honest, I need them when I have to fangirl so hard about something… or someone. Our bookish hearts are connected and yes, that’s just cheesy but that’s me. Cheesy Paula!

…oh-kaayyyy, can we just meet them please?

Yes! Before I totally embarrass myself. Right here is Rhea who loves NA more than anything (I assume about things, please forgive me. Feel free to butt in, Rhea! Just don’t hurt me) This girl is kick ass, I’m telling you. You don’t do instalove or crazy love triangle in front of this lady.  You just don’t. IMG_4662 This sweet pea here is Marla. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you. This girls reviews can  be so brutally honest, you will bleed. But she’s nice. So nice. She’s A++++ when it comes to fangirling. She loves How To Get Away With Murder anddddd she ship FLaurel. Totally bff material tbh. wpid-wp-1452191660028.jpeg And our baby of course. Pretty Sam! Who is much much taller than me despite of her age, I’m just so sure that this is a fact. She has a booktube (okay I have no idea if this term is right but yeah it’s a YouTube channel that is about books) How awesome is that?! Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset And you might be sick of me but come on people this is necessary. This is me. I love people, coffee, pandas, and books. That’s really everything you need to know about me. Well, no (I might be interesting you know) but that’s all I will say because I tend to talk non-stop. So, Hellloooooo! 735060_556686464485048_1685316530267469475_n

… I really need to know all of you?

If you’re nice and you like books and you will come back on our blog, then big fat YES. We are people who cry about fictional characters and stay up all night to finish a book. Seriously, how normal are we???????

…..uhm, yeah. Normal.

ANYWAY, that’s the squad! You can talk to us individually through our Goodreads, Twitter or Instagram (I don’t have one since its too cool for me) accounts. And yes, we’re totally into talking! Say Hi, Hello or whatever and because we’re always looking for another blogger/reader to fangirl with. I’m sorry that’s just how it works. Thank you people for reading! Don’t forget to say HI or introduce yourself on the comments section. We’d love to know YOUU!

Bookish Thoughts #009: Bad Book Bingo

bookish thoughts


Welcome to Book-ish thoughts! A feature  here on Her Book Thoughts where we ask for a little of your time to share a thought about useless and nonsense things. YAY! Don’t worry, it will ALWAYS have something to do with a book or anything bookish!

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Bad Book Bingo





Bingo has often been thought of as a game played only by little old ladies in retirement homes, but these past few years have seen the game be remade and reimagined as operators take it online. According to the BBC, while there were less than 20 bingo portals in the UK in 2004, there are now over 300, with many of them offering promotions that appeal to people from various walks of life. The game’s versatility has allowed it to be adapted countless times, and those who enjoy reading and reviewing books can use a version of the game called Bad Book Bingo to make reviewing books easier.

Every novel has its own appeal, and there’s no real formula to follow when reviewing books. Still, there are some elements that can spell a bad book, and a game of Bad Book Bingo can help you get some of these elements out of the way. The game is very similar to Hollywood Theatre’s B Movie Bingo, which sees audiences watching out for bad movie cliches in films and marking off these items on a bingo card. It simply adds to the excitement of watching a film, and in the case of Bad Book Bingo, it actually makes you pay more attention to the book you’re reading.

To play, first make a list of 25 things you think you see too often in poorly written books, such as Mary Sues, flat characters, unrealistic dialogue and poor descriptions of actions. Go ahead and add more specific elements as well, such as examples of bad dialogue you’ve encountered, or “using the same adjective five times in a single page.” Once you have your list, go to a website like to generate your bingo card. As you read through your next novel, begin marking off the items on the card as you encounter them. Once you’ve crossed off enough boxes to call out “BINGO!”, you’ll know that you have a bad book on your hands.

Bad Book Bingo isn’t the first time bingo and books have come together. Gala Bingo has an ongoing promotion called the “Book Club Bingo Room,” where players not only play bingo, but discuss a chosen book for the month, with initial discussions slowly leading up to a 10-item quiz on the book. Players stand the chance to win a Kindle Fire simply from enjoying a few games of bingo and reading a book recommended by the operator. The Seattle Public Library has also recently launched Summer Book Bingo to encourage kids to read more books over the summer to earn the chance to win a whole library of books.

Think you’re going to try Bad Book Bingo? Share some of your ideas for your Bad Book Bingo card with us!


Bookish Thoughts #008: Do Bookish Lovers Miss Out IRL?

bookish thoughts


Welcome to Book-ish thoughts! A feature here on Her Book Thoughts where we ask for a little of your time to share a thought about useless and nonsense things. YAY! Don’t worry, it will ALWAYS have something to do with a book or anything bookish!

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This post was inspired by Between Us and The Moon by Rebecca Maizel. To read my review of the book go here.

I’m a bookish person. And I fucking hate the outdoors.

There. I said it. I can go days without seeing the sun and I’m lazy, so I prefer the indoor. Of course I don’t want to be a couch potato (of the bookish kind, not TV) and my parents are freaky about being healthy (ugh!) and so, to keep the parental unit happy, I’ve been doing yoga for some time now. And, I like it. I like having my yoga class friends and my yoga instructor whom I love but who is also a pain in my ass (and my thighs, and my arms and my legs and whatever I’m working on that day).

But here’s what’s been troubling me.

Apart from my daily yoga, regular outings with friends and attending Mass on Sundays, I’m a homebody. Like most of us book lovers, I prefer the company of a good book and a hot drink. Coffee, in my case, but you get the idea. And I’m okay with this, I really am. But I often find myself wondering if I’m missing out on what’s happening outside—in the real world.

I’m not a party person and I’m not a person who likes to drink or smoke or dance and I avoid romantic contact like the bubonic plague. I’m not a loner by any means, but I do enjoy the solitude in my room. It’s the type of person I am.

Again, am I missing out on stuff that happens outside of my current read? Am I missing out on key teenage experiences, ones that I’ll never get back if I stay cooped up at home with a book?

We book people have a tendency to enter a zone wile we’re reading. We don’t want to move, we don’t want to be interrupted, but most importantly, we don’t want to stop. But is all our time inside—that we know is amazing because the book in our hands is fantastic—robbing us of experiencing the world?

How on earth can I judge whether characters make right or wrong decisions in certain situations, if I’ve never seen that situation? Why? I’m home, reading. How will I ever put into practice everything I’ve ever learnt from books if I never get out of my library and make my own mistakes?

At the end of the day, I think what matters most is what helps you sleep easy at the end of the day. Think you’ve spent too long a day inside? Get out. Get a new hobby. Don’t stop reading—NEVER do that—but take up swimming, or dancing, or underwater basket weaving.

Think you’ve weaved too many baskets with the sharks? Read something relaxing.

What makes you happy at the end of the day is the most important thing.


What are your thoughts? Are you an outdoorsy person? Are you an homebody, like me, and worry about missing out on real world experiences too? Speak and you shall be heard!



Bookish Thoughts #007: ‘they see me DNFin’, they hatin”

bookish thoughts


Welcome to Book-ish thoughts! A feature  here on Her Book Thoughts where we ask for a little of your time to share a thought about useless and nonsense things. YAY! Don’t worry, it will ALWAYS have something to do with a book or anything bookish!

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Maybe not everyone is doing it, but I do. Some people think its wrong. But I don’t. How about you though? What are your thoughts about it?

I’ve been DNF-ing books since the dawn of time. There are books that I still want to pick up again but there were books that made me jump for joy while screaming, ‘I AM FREE!’ This post doesn’t encourage readers to DNF every books. I’m writing this because I want to tell you that it’s alright. And that its not a crime. And that it happens. As a book blogger, we can all agree that our time is important. There’s so many books to read!!!! Are you really gonna waste it on a book that isn’t for you?

But maybe some of you are curious.



Well, my reasons are here. Maybe some of you will agree with me. And maybe some of you won’t. One thing is for sure, if I don’t have time for books that isn’t for me, I don’t have time for people who brings negativity in my life either. This is pretty much my mantra:



Why do Paula DNF? Well, here’s why!


 It’s so sad my tears have permanently damaged my vision.



I don’t have the happiest life on earth. I’m not saying I’m unhappy or miserable but the truth is, the reason I read is because once in a while I want to escape from the sad realities of life. Imagine reading a book and the main character has the same problem you’re trying to not remember. NO THANKS I don’t want the urge to kill myself.


Every time I start reading it, I have the urge to turn on the television set.



Boredom is definitely my number one reason. There’s a lot of reasons to be bored when reading a book. It can be because of a mediocre writing, a bland character, a snoozefest romance or because of a… a… I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE I’M TOO BORED TO CONTINUE. Its just this, when its not working out anymore… you leave it and move on. Its better for you.. and the book (but this can also be applied in your, say, love life)


The plot makes no sense

When midway through and the book will make me think, “IS IT DYSTOPIAN OR ROMANCE OR A BIOGRAPHY?”


THAT is a great enough reason for me to DNF. We have to face reality! Some book covers and blurbs can fool us.


When main character has annoying, creepy, disgusting, unbelievably inhumane characteristics.



This doesn’t happen a lot. But once in a while I encounter a book with great premise and absolutely stunning writing but the characters are so so making me hate them. YOU KNOW THOSE CHARACTERS THAT YOU FEEL LIKE THEY WERE WRITTEN TO BE HATED BY EVERY READER? I kid you not, a book actually exist where every characters are, like, competing who gets to be hated the most.

And btw, characters licking their lips a million times like its their source of energy counts as annoying, creepy, disgusting, unbelievably inhumane characteristic. For me.


You can feel your IQ drop with each passing sentence.



There are books that inspires you and some books that will completely make you change how you see the world so it just makes sense that books like this also exist. I’m not the smartest human in the world. So I want to take care of the not-so-few-not-so-many braincells that I have


There’s so much awkward/petty fighting, you feel like you’re watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.



Oh man, DRAMAAAAA. Those characters who keep doing complications in their life and then cry about it? I cannot even. Committing mistakes is fine, nobody is perfect after all. But committing mistakes over and over again like you’re not aware of the consequences and then asks WHYYYYYY. Guuurrrrl, you have a problem.



I’m pretty sure there’s still a lot of reasons why readers DNF. But this is mine. I wanna hear about yours!

How about you guys? Do you DNF? Do you think its wrong? Why? Are you secretly hating me right now? Why again? Share your thoughts!


Bookish Thoughts #006: ‘them 1 star reviewers’

bookish thoughts


Welcome to Book-ish thoughts! A feature  here on Her Book Thoughts where we ask for a little of your time to share a thought about useless and nonsense things. YAY! Don’t worry, it will ALWAYS have something to do with a book or anything bookish!

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You’d be lying if you tell me it didn’t hurt. I won’t believe you if you tell me it didn’t affect you even just a little bit. And I’d totally snort at your face if you tell me you didn’t get a bit defensive.

I can’t believe I’m even touching this topic. But I found myself really thinking about this stuff and I got curious about what you think of it either.

“What do you feel about one star reviewers? do you even feel anything about them? do you feel anything at all? are you a robot?”


One star reviews are everywhere. Can you actually give me a book that doesn’t have a 1 star review? or even just a 1 star rating. Even classics, which most of readers treat like an evidence for finding out if you’re a true reader or not (which by the way is a VERY STUPID THING TO DO) gets one star reviews. And they’re CLASSICS. The authors are, like, dead. And they’re, you know, like, FAMOUSSSS.

I remember seeing and reading a one star review of Pride and Prejudice. My first reaction was disbelief. 


Uhmm, excuse youu. It’s freakin PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. How can you hate it? How can you not like it?! Have you met Mr. Darcy? Are you aware that this is the first lovable jerk who by the way is just a misunderstood creature? He is afraid of dancing because he’s kinda awkward and his default face screams ‘I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE’


I mean, hello?! Girls fall for this kind of guy. (this actually worries me)

I considered leaving a long and meaningful comment because I really want to give him a piece of my mind! I’m pissed and it just doesn’t feel right that a book I loved is hated by someone. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!


But before I get to post my comment, I realized how stupid that would be. Isn’t that HER review? (there, the P&P hater is a girl) and anyway, isn’t that HER opinion of the book?? That is what SHE thought of the book. Then I considered myself on her position. What if it’s a book that she loves and I hated? What then would I feel if SHE gives me a piece of her mind.

You know, it’s so funny how other reviewers spent their time commenting on other reviewers reviews and defending the book that they loved that others didn’t. They have so much time on their hands, I’m actually jealous. If you’re one of those people… I just wanna tell you this: YOU’RE NOT GONNA CHANGE MY MIND. I’m happy to hear your opinion and I’m sorry if we didn’t like the same book. BUT THAT IS LIFE. Don’t shove your long defensive comment on my face: there’s a big fan chance it’ll be ignored. You have some questions about my review: OKAY, let’s talk about it like normal people, we’re not on an episode of Law & Order. 

And okay, let’s admit it, one star reviews gets more attention than five star reviews. And you know what, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Because the good news is, IT’S STILL UP TO YOU. Reviewers are meant to be guide for readers, not to be dictators. You have your own mind you know (are you aware of that?) and you still get a say. 

I genuinely salute reviewers who can give 1 star reviews and write their reviews with all honesty. They are not EVIL. Evil is such a strong word, let’s call them SNARKY. Because even though they know that people gets crazy sometimes, they still have that braveness to post their reviews. They do not like it, they say it. No sugar coating. No dilly dallying. And admit it, most of them are hilarious. If you’re one of those people who can’t help but feel like being a mama bear who turns all protective when they see a one star review of a book they loved, I suggest to toughen up a little bit. Not every book you like, whether it’s a NYT bestseller or an Indie book, will be liked by others. And because of that, one star reviewers are here to stay.



Don’t you just love bloggers who respect other blogger’s opinions? Like, ‘she didn’t like it. that makes me sad but hey that just the way it is’ Let’s aim for that attitude! Respecting and celebrating other bloggers makes the blogosphere more fun and honestly, nobody likes drama. Except maybe my grandma, she LIVE for those. 

So here’s where I ask your two cents..

What do you feel about (us) one star reviewers? Do you have voodoo dolls of us and wants us to be punished? Do you admire them as well? Are you going to throw rocks at me? Did this post even made sense to you? How do you keep your hair that shiny? Hmm? I WANNA HEAR IT!