MONTHLY RUNDOWN #006: JUNE2015: books-hitting-the-screens, co-blogger news, uncle rick is back!, red queen movie?




Welcome everyone to Her Book Thoughts’ Monthly recap. In which I look back and summarized what happened on the blog this past Month. See past posts here.

Can you believe it!!? I actually posted a MONTHLY RUNDOWN. I feel like crying! The last time I did a HBTMR is last year (I checked) and I honestly don’t remember anymore why I suddenly stop doing it but here’s making up for it. Yep, this might be a long one! Here’s what I have for you this issue:

  •  Reviews!
  • JUNE bookish news!
  •  Blog news!
  •  Paula news!
  •  not in a particular order.

The amount of books I read this June is making me cry. And not happy tears. According to my bff, GR, I only read 16 books.16! Lowest so far. Anyway, here they are, all are linked to my review. I also posted here the books that Rhea posted! Check it out if you missed them.






The July book tours are all on the side bar now. Are you looking forward to a particular tour? They’re all exciting!!!

Let’s move on to Bookish News. June has been full of buzz. From book to movie news to latest releases, JUNE WAS C-R-A-Z-Y. Some of these news, you might already know. But maybe you missed some of them too. And this is where I enter. What books are hitting the big screen? A latest release that we should be ALL excited about? How about cover reveals to drool over? I HAVE IT ALL FOR YOU!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Queen has spoken.

Harry Potter series may have ended long ago, but potterheads will forever be waiting for whatever news that our beloved queen will reveal. And she never fails in making us happy.

On June 26th, Jo announced on Twitter that there’ll be a new play in Harry’s world titled ‘Cursed Child’

Now let’s all take a moment and let that sink in. I mean, if this isn’t the perfect reason to move to London, I don’t know what is! You can read more of this news in here.

And because our queen is a giving fairy godmother, she also gave us a little bit of a Dursley backstory.

Have you ever wondered why they’re so mean towards Harry? I always thought thst it was just because they’re designed that way butNOOOOO. There’s an explanation for that! For more of this, read here




Up until now, I still can’t believe that this is all happening. But it is! The cast is starting to come all together. And I must say that they’re looking fantastic (get it??)

Eddie Redmayne is already confirmed (YES!) to play the role of Newt Scamander, a magizoologist who travels to New York City to find and document magical creatures.640_eddie_redmayne_45866033

And now Ezra Miller is already in early negotiations for the role of Jacob, the secondary male lead opposite Eddie Redmayne. 4159714-4715269047-600fuI’m not sure, but I remember that Jacob is the villain in this story. Ezra is not yet confirmed in playing the part, but I’m rooting for him!

Don’t forget that Katherine Waterston is also confirmed to the role of an American witch named Porpentina! downloadKate Upton, Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan are also eyed to be part of the film as one of the secondary characters alongside Katherine. Check out this link for more.




Well, this one isn’t that surprising anymore. Author John Green just announced on Twitter that LOOKING FOR ALASKA has found its director. So yes, its really happening!! I knew from the start that we will have JG collectibles.

Salute to you Mr. Jg. Don’t even think that I’m not watching you slowly taking over the world!!!!!!


The only drama that works for me.

Uh, step aside teenage highschool drama queens, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield is about to have a come back. rs_560x422-150624201910-560.Sweet-Valley-High.jl.062415 (1)Well, okay, its not confirmed yet. But you bet your butt that all of my body part are crossed! I so want this to happen!! Fangirl with me and read this news.







Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in a movie.

Emma Watson will star alongside Tom Hanks in a movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel “The Circle.Emma-Watson-GettyI actually haven’t heard of this book before but if its worthy enough to be a movie and worthy to have Emma and Tom as lead roles, then I think its worth reading. Add it on your TBR people.




Red Queen + Elizabeth Banks = ??

Yes… I STILL haven’t read this book. Stop throwing potatoes at me because I’m fixing that. Hopefully, before the movie comes out? What do you guys think? Should Elizabeth Bank go for it? 17878931 elizabeth_banks1

Who do you think should star in Red Queen film? Check out the news in here





Tahereh announced the news herself on Twitter. I’m pretty sure there’s details surrounding this news, but I didn’t like the book at all to research more. YAY for the fans though, ABC is known for outstanding series so I’m confident that they’ll do a great job. Unless, of course, they screw up the cast.



UNCLE RICK IS BACK (not that he went away in the first place)

I am crying….. CRYING! Of excitement. Of WANT. This book sounds so awesome I cannot even. And this is my favorite cover fromh him so far. Look at the beauty!




If you are not aware that I launched a new feature here on the blog…. WHY? 🙁 Author Takeover has published 8 issues already and they’ve been awesome so far! 

Don’t forget to keep coming back because I’m not kidding, the upcoming authors are just rockin’ epic. All nice people with to-die-for books.

I also searched for a coblogger this past month and I’ll be announcing the two of them on our Blogoversary which will be in JULY 15th! Please please be there and join the celebration. There’ll be lots of Thank You’s, giveaways and virtual hugs that will happen!



I just realized that this is my last year as a teenager! MY LAST YEAR! And it just freaked me out a little bit because there’s so many things that needs to be done you know? So many! I need to ride a rollercoaster already.

Also, did you know that I’m someone’s official Publicist? Thank you so much to O.E. Boroni for trusting me and treating me as a real friend even though we are miles apart. Woman, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME. Me and Faye are also planning to do a video collab! I’ll be the one with a paper bag on her face! What do you think? Should we go for it?

Well, there you go! I did it, I actually did it. How was your month friends? Any particular news that got you excited? Tell me how your JUNE was like! I wanna hear it 🙂


MONTHLY RUNDOWN #005: NOVEMBER 2014: KDramaBuddyWatch Invitation, guess who’s turning 19, co-blogger news



Hello lovelies! Welcome to HBT’s Monthly Rundown. This is another quickie version and I’m sad to inform you that it won’t include my usual Bookish news. Well, no worries since it’s replaced (just for now) with a very special and fun surprise invitation. READ ON! 😀


18658149 17731926 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000034_00012] 23280642

The Last Changeling (Faerie Revolutions #1) – 3 ★ – (review)

Atlantia – 1 ★ – (review)

Love Like Crazy – 4 ★ –  (review)

Fall Like Rain – 3.5 ★ – (review)


8606706 22755233 23151530 6324090

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 2  1/2  ★ – (review)

Embers (The Wings of War #1) – 4 ★ – (review)

Henge (Le Fay #1) – 5 ★ – (review)

Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland – 3 ★

 20783291 22391588 22231876 20640755

Last Train to Babylon: A Novel – 4 ★ – (review)

Night Of Pan (The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy #1) – 3 ★ – (review)

The Fool (Virtual Arcana 0) – 3 ★ – (review)

The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy #1) – 4.5 ★ – (review)


20542942 21893566 23266680 22846282

The Shadow Prince (Mortal Enchantment #1) – 3 ★

Dating Down – 4 ★ – (review)

The Union (The Union #1) – DNF

My Summer Roommate – 3.5 ★


21896322 21411058 20740634 23305087

Hemlock Veils – 4.5 ★ – (review)

Bad Romeo (The Starcrossed Series #1) – 2 ★ – (review)

Mortal Enchantment (Mortal Enchantment #2) – 3.5 ★

The Magician (Virtual Arcana #1) – 2 ★ (review)


20565526 22321010 23006367 23208650

The Stag Lord (Bannerman Boru #1) – 4 ★

If I Knew You Were Going to be this Beautiful.. – DNF – (review)

Love and Profanity – 2 ★ – (review)

The Next Breath – 4.5 ★ – (review)


11061699 20657824

The Bell Jar – 3 ★ – (review)

The Night House – 4 ★


As always, you can peek at the Upcoming Blog tours righ in this side —-> Excerpts, reviews, interviews and a lot of giveaways! December will be fuuuun!



I AM SOOOO EXCITED for this announcement. More like INVITATION, actually.

This Monthly Rundown would not include Bookish News BUT! I have a different treat for everyone of you. I am cordially inviting you to a fun and swoony K-drama marathon. Me, Joy of The Bookshelf Intruder and Irish of Nocturnal Reader brewed something over Twitter when I tweeted something about these guys.

Have you met them? Know them?



After exchanging ideas over twitter, we decided to host a..




 [this is made by the wonderful and talented, Irish!!]


First in the (hopefully) many list to watch is: The 1st shop of Coffee Prince also known as Coffee Prince. I’ve followed this series when I was still in high school. You see, here in Philippines, K Dramas are a BIG HIT. It’s tagalized  of course and some (like me) will not let anyone interrupt them from watching it no matter what time of the day it is. K Dramas are practically a part of our life here in Philippines. There’s always a K-Drama that we are buzzing about! And there was a time when Coffee Prince is what we’re buzzing about. We just can’t get over the swoony moments!




“The drama is an unlikely romance between a tomboyish woman, who dresses like a man in order to get work, and a young food empire mogul…”

And of course.. The Characters are all wonderful and funny and AHHHHH, YOU’LL JUST LOVE THEM.

cp-the-1st-shop-of-coffee-prince-25457228-563-450 Gong-Yoo-the-1st-shop-of-coffee-prince-20483639-447-599 tumblr_lk8k1cd3gA1qeh291o1_500

Incredible actors and great acting. They literally have the whole package. And lastly.. do you like Romance that are cute but also full of sexiness and hotness WITH clothes ON? THIS IS IT YOU GUYS, THIS IS IT!


SO.. If you’re interested to join our Buddy Watch, all you have to do is LINK UP! The linky is below. We will watch four (4) episodes per week! And we will discuss it over Twitter with the hashtag —> #KDramaBuddyWatch

Link up below. It’s pretty easy. Go on!

After linking up, you just have to answer this very short survey so that we can all agree on our schedule. We don’t want this to be a burden to you. 🙂

See? Pretty easy! If you have any questions, anything at all! You can just tweet us! Here’s my twitter account: (@herbookthoughts) And here’s Irish’s (@InHerBlog) and of course, Joy’s (@akopoosijoy). Watch out also for additional information about this on their Blogs! I suck at this informing thing so you have to stalk them in their blogs HERE and HERE.

I hope you can all join us. The more, the merrier! And I assure you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW. I just know it.




November has been a busy month for me, blog-wise and in my mundane life. But I won’t lie to you, even though I am always exhausted by the end of the day.. it just made me love my life even more. Even this Blog. I never thought I’d be this attached! I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT


And besides, there’s so much to look forward to this DECEMBER! DECEMBER IS MY MONTH BABY.. December. is. my. month. First of all, I’ll be turning nineteen. 19! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? IDK! Which reminds me, I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COOK! Fictional MC’s might be saving the world at the age of 19 or gaining super powers and meeting up with some hot alien dude.. but here is me, taking lots of selfies.

Anyway, not only will I be celebrating my birthday this month, but I’m getting a bunch of co-bloggers too! Not really a bunch since there’s just 3 of them. Can’t wait for you guys to meet them, I will out them in the world this December 19 since they are my gifts to myself.. Mwahahahaha. they don’t have a choice, they can’t run away from me now.


So.. that’s all for this month’s recap. I hope November was good to you like it was to me. AND  I hope you’re all excited for the upcoming month. I mean, WOW!! 2015 IS COMING! Best of 2014 posts are coming.. and you know what, that reminds me to make my own too! So, good bye for now! 😀

Monthly Rundown #004: OCTOBER 2014 – the quickie version, Stalking Inferno, one direction fan fic to be made a MOVIE!


Why, hello there minions! Welcome to HBT’s 4th Monthly Rundown. Oh guys, October was pretty great for me. I wanna put all the reasons here on WHY it was good but I don’t wanna bore you. Maybe some other time? 😛 Now let’s see what this Monthly Rundown have for us:


  • Books I’ve read this October plus Reviews (well, of course)
  • My favorite reviews and posts around the Blogosphere
  • BOOKISH NEWS (HINT: stalking inferno)
  • as usual, this is not in a particular order


Guys, I’ve only read 16 books this past month. JUST 16! And some of them I DNF-ed. I don’t what I’ve been doing and why am I not reading.. I think I’m on a tad bit of reading slump. 🙁 HELP!!


1268479 17787411 18324006 20578610


Warbreaker – 5  ★

A Murder of Magpies – 4 ★ – (review)

The Boogie Trapp – 3 ★ – (review)

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee – DNF


16117921 22741557 22909829 23266329


Firebug – DNF – (review)

Blood Entwines – 3 ★ – (review)

Interview With a Hexboy – 3 ★

Two Faced (The Masks #2) – 4 ★ – (review)


17984141 19638305 21408438 22586969

The Young Elites – 3  ★ – (review)

This Is Not A Test – 4 ★

Whatever Life Throws At You – 4 ★ – (review)

Following Zippy – DNF


18808234 18973567 21800333 22547968

Finding Her Way Back – 3 ★ – (review)

The Lost Boys – 1 ★ – (review)

Trust Me, I’m Lying – 4 ★ – (review)

Lark Rising – DNF – (review)



Damsel Distressed – 4.5 ★ – (review)


 AS USUAL, the upcoming tours are already posted on this side. And I must say, THEY’RE ALL VERY EXCITING. —>


There’s a lot of awesome reviews this past month by Bloggers I adore and if I can put them all here, I will. But here’s some that really helped and pushed me to read a particular book and some reviews that saved me from wasting time.

First let me and Marianne (@mariannelee_092) of Boricuan Bookworms convince you to read Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, okay? I didn’t review this book but this review by Marianne pretty much summed up my feelings. This book will make you ugly cry and you’ll love it! And I’m gonna put this in here because I love this feature of theirs. Clothes and books, two things that I love but have no money for! Lola (@hitormissbooks) has reviewed one of the books that everybody read but me. I watched the movie though, does that count? Lola is also one of the may reviewers who reviewed Snow Like Ashes. She’s pretty much in the middle.

How was your Halloween btw? Aimee (@AimeeReadscelebrated it by hosting a GIVEAWAY and a reading challenge! Have you seen the awesome post? Anyway, the Darlings already did their Monthly digest because unlike me, they’re not lazy. No one is as lazy as me, I guess.

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT! Joy just celebrated her birthday this past month and she celebrated by hosting a giveaway. And guess who won? Thats right baby! IT’S ME. (i am lucky like that) and this is actually the IMPORTANT part. Joy is looking for a co-blogger! She’s awesome and very friendly, so if you’re interested, you can just tweet her! –> (@akoposijoy)

>> A post made of awesome by Val (@InnocentSmileyx) Too much love for this one

>> HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, Shannelle! (@dreamstains) This cutie pie is so awesomesauce! and welcome to the reads-it family!!


Let’s move on to some (depressing) BOOKISH NEWS!


I’m going to admit that I’m not much of a Fan Fic reader. And even though that’s the case, I have nothing against it. I really believe there are good ones out there. BUT. I think we have problems when a fan fiction GETS PUBLISHED (and it’s still bad after all the ‘editing’ and ‘revising’) then GETS A MOVIE DEAL.


And it’s all about ONE DIRECTION, the worlds hottest (ugh) teen group sensation. Oh, and did I mention that the genre is EROTICA? wow. who wants to read that? NO, SERIOUSLY.. WHO WANTS TO READ THAT? Apparently these people do!

10363878 10364078 10364079



Listen, I’ve read the ebook from WATTPAD and it was (i’m sorry) bad.. so so bad. Its’ an abusive relationship and all the ‘happy moments’ are just them having sex or thinking of having sex. Now, WHERE DID I HEARD THAT BEFORE??!


There is something wrong with media, I tell you. And I don’t care what you say, I BLAME E.L JAMES on all of this.

I don’t wanna say anything anymore but I ‘ll leave you with this. This makes me sad. There’s a lot of books (ACTUAL LITERATURE) that needs to be seen and deserves the attention. This is a sad sad world we’re living in.

Look at how the main protagonist of AFTER is so original and awesome that the book needs a MOVIE.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”


More depressing news I’m afraid. The Book Blogging community was hit by a huge earthquake when this AUTHOR STATED THAT STALKING IS OKAY. Okay, she did not exactly said that.. so READ IT! Is it wrong….. or IS IT WRONG? 






There’s actually a good news this past month that *some* readers would be so happy about. GOOD NEWS SHADOWHUNTERS! I can hear the fangirls (and boys) screaming with joy. Because The Mortal Instruments (you know that movie where everyone is so freakin’ good-looking) will be back– but not as a sequel, BUT A TV SERIES! REJOICE REJOICE.

This might be a little awkward though because I’ve heard before that they were together.. then they broke up. Awwww (but honestly I don’t care) Anyaway, good for the TMI Fandom! Let’s see if they can turn this big screen disaster into television gold.


Whoops. No PAULA NEWS this time because as I said above, this monthly rundown will just be a quickie. I hope your October was good 🙂 any particular book or happening that you’re looking forward this November? Don’t hesitate to comment it or chat me up! Thank you for reading this monthly rundown. HELLO NOVEMBER!!






HBT’s Monthly Rundown –  where I share things that made me grin ear to ear and some tidbits on what happened on the Blog this month. This SEPTEMBER Monthly Rundown includes:


  • what I’ve read in the month of SEPTEMBER
  • my favorite reviews from my favorite bloggers (yea that’s you)
  • bookish news (you probably don’t care but I’d still put it)
  • PAULA NEWS (because I can be interesting sometimes)
  • this is not in a particular order


HA. Just two days late! AM I AWESOME OR WHAT? I’ve read 26 books this September but I’m way behind reviews. I noticed that the reviews that I’ve put are all ‘FULL REVIEW TO FOLLOW’ But I’m trying to change, really. So this October, I’m going to try to catch up and do the read-and-then-review-right-after method. Unless the book I’m reading is for a blog tour. Also, I want to avoid DNF-ing books. I WANT TO BE NICER TO THEM. I AM REALLY GOING TO TRY THIS TO WORK. Anyway, here’s the books I’ve read plus my reviews!


VISIONHIGREZcover scar of the bamboo leaf 17425196 Sherl_CuriousPeople_zoe_green_fulljacket

Vision – 4 ★ (review)

Scar of the Bamboo Leaf – 4 ★ (review)

Stronger Than You Know – 3 ★

The Future For The Curious People – 5 ★ (review)


Anatomy Of A Misfit – DNF (review)

Love & Misadventure – 2 ★ (review)

Jesus Freaks: Sin Of The Father – 3 ★

Call Me Grim – 4 ★ (review)

18721308 20312462 19163542 18774959

Tape – 2 ★

Jackaby – 3.5 ★

A Blind Spot For Boys – 4 ★ (review)

The Anatomy Of Dreams – 2 ★ (review)

21863930 22891926 16131932 22674815

One Two Three – 3 ★ (review)

Predator – 4 ★ (review)

The Emperor’s Soul – 5 ★

Fire In The Woods – 3 ★ (review)

18619593 Unrequited 1600x2400 20562718 MadeForYou

 The Sound Of Us (Radio Heart #1) – 4 ★ (review)

Unrequited – DNF

Louder Than Words – 4 ★ (review)

Made For You – 3.5 ★ (review)

13419568 20944578 18816689 22704194

 Demons At Deadnight (Diviniucs Nex Chronicles #1) – 4 ★

Adrenaline Crush – 2 ★

I Wrote This For You – 3 ★

Neurotica –  3.5 ★ (review)

20617762 23109477

Not In The Script – 4 ★

Drop Dead Demons – 4 ★

Whoo! There’s also some exciting tours this October than I’m so excited about. You can see it right there ->




Okay, the first one, I don’t know if it’s counted because it was justposted.. yesterdat! But I was really convinced by her review and she’s awesome so I’m still gonna put it. Check out this review of LIES WE TELL OURSELVES by Val (@InnocentSmileyx). Everybody seems to love this book so I’m excited to dive in. Oh and she reviewed The Way Of Kings too! This book is still FREE on AMAZON btw –> GET IT.
Lola   (@hitormissbooks) (everybody knows Lola, really, she’s friendly like that) reviewed BLACK ICE and she gave mercy by rating it 3! I’m a little excited to read this so I’m relieved that it’s not that bad. I mean not as bad as Illusions of Fate! See Lola’s review right here as she justifies her rating. She’s amazing 🙂
And FINALLY! FINALLLLLYYY! Lily (@lilysbookblog) finally read Dangerous Boys and reviewed it. Can’t wait for her Dangerous Girls review! And if you didn’t know that Zoe (@actf_flip_read) celebrated her birtday this past September.. WHERE WERE YOU??? Did you know that she celebrated by hosting an awesome giveaway??! But don’t you worry, read her post right here where she listed 5 books that changed her as a reader! It’s such a great post.
Of course my stalking won’t be complete without mentioning the potatoes! I miss you Faye (@kawaiileena) I MISS YOUR SNARKY REVIEWS 😀 check out the latest review on their blog which was posted by the cutie patootie Aimee (@AimeeReads), Faye’s not the only one I’m missing though.. Them ladies too -> Amir (@lilradrad) and Dre (@dreWolf). Yeah, you guys aren’t safe.. I’M STILL STALKING YOU 😀 Anyway, heads up people because I’LL BE GUEST POSTING AT AMIR’S Blog soon-ish. I promised her that I’ll try to make sense but I’ll stuff it with too much .gif! Can’t wait for that.


 Let’s move on to these small little news that got my attention this past month. I just thought that I’d share it with you guys!



TWI-HARDS! It’s your lucky day because TWILIGHT IS BACK! (sort of) A news by LionsGate just spread out saying that they are teaming up with Facebook (yep, FACEBOOK) in financing five short films based on the Twilight characters by five aspiring female directors . Yep again, NO ORIGINAL CAST will be in these short films. (you know what, I MIGHT WATCH THIS) The aspiring female directors will be chosen by a group of female panelists which include Bella herself- Kristen Stewart, the author- Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight director- Catherine Hardwick and a bunch of women that I’m too lazy to write here. You can read the full article HERE. TWILIGHT FANS MUST BE ECSTATIC TO HEAR THIS NEWS.
I know I’m not.



Anyway, let’s see the real news here. And it’s: FACEBOOK teaming up with LIONSGATE and giving us the impression that they’ll be more than a social networking site this coming years. I leave you with this snippet from the The New York Times news:


“What it signals seems clear: The social media service can be more than a platform for movie trailers. Its future may well include the distribution of entire movies.”

This next news got me all sulky and sad and it’s all about PENRYN AND RAFFE.


(.gif not mine.)
Recently, Susan Ee answered a bunch of questions in this discussion thread by The Chapter 5. And it was so so so exciting until I read this:


Pintobean wrote: “After almost finishing with Book #3 (YAY), have you decided how many total books there will be in this series?”

Susan Ee: It turns out that Book 3 will be the finale of Penryn’s story. There may be other stories to tell from other perspectives, but I haven’t let myself think too much about that yet. 




I just.. I can’t….






If you’re part of Mr. Sanderson’s email list then you must have already seen this news, but if not.. here’s the gist. Mr. Sanderson just recently posted a rough draft of the opening chapter of The Stromlight Archive book 3 and IT’S A KALADIN CHAPTER!







“Kaladin trudged through a field of quiet rockbuds, fully aware that he was too late to prevent the disaster. The knowledge slowed him, pressing against his shoulders with an almost physical sensation, like the weight of a bridge he was forced to carry all on his own.
The land around him should have felt familiar. Instead, it seemed wild, overgrown, alien. After so long in the stormlands—those eastern lands that bore the brunt of the storms—he had almost forgotten the sights of a more fertile landscape. Rockbuds grew almost as big as barrels, with vines as thick as his wrist spilling out and lapping water from the pools on the stone. Grass spread in fields and came up to his waist, dappled with glowing lifespren. The grass was vibrant green and slow to pull down into its burrows as he approached.
Kaladin shook his head; the grass back near the Shattered Plains had barely grown as high as his ankle, and had mostly come in yellowish patches on the leeward side of hills. Almost anything could be hiding in these fields. All you’d have to do was crouch down and wait for the grass to sneak back up around you, and you’d have a perfect ambush point. How had he never noticed that during his youth? He’d run through fields like this, playing catch-me with his brother, trying to see who was quick enough to grab handfuls of grass before it hid.
Something caught his eye, and he turned toward it, startling a patch of grass around himself. Kaladin felt drained. Used up. Like a . . . a mighty storm that had lost its fury, and was now just a soft breeze. His dramatic flight had begun with more Stormlight than he had thought he could hold, and a wealth more tucked into his pockets and pack, in the form of gemstones. It ended with this, a limping, exhausted trudge through fields. Perhaps he could have flown all the way to northwestern Alethkar from the Shattered Plains if he’d been more practiced with his powers. As it was—despite bearing a king’s wealth in gemstones—he’d run out of Stormlight somewhere in Aladar’s princedom.
He’d traveled hundreds of miles in half a day. And it still hadn’t been enough. This last bit—not thirty miles to walk—had been excruciating. So slow! He would have passed this distance in an eyeblink before, but he’d been walking for two days. He felt like a man who had been winning a footrace, only to trip and break his legs a handspan from the finish line.
He neared the object he’d seen earlier, and the grass obligingly pulled back before him, revealing a broken wooden churn. For turning sow’s milk into butter. Kaladin rested fingers on the splintered wood; only the wealthy had access to enough milk for this sort of thing, and a churn would have been locked up tight before a storm. He glanced to the side at another chunk of wood peeking out over the tops of the grass, like the hand of a drowning man reaching toward the sky.
Syl zipped down as ribbon of light, passing his head and spinning around the length of wood. He could sense an inquisitiveness to her motions, even though she hadn’t manifested a face yet. Was he mistaken, or was their bond growing stronger? His ability to read her emotions, and she his, improving?
Perhaps it was just familiarity. “It’s the side of a roof,” Kaladin said. “The lip that hangs down on the leeward side of a building.” Probably a storage shed, judging by the debris he’d spotted in the field.
Alethkar wasn’t in the stormlands, but neither was it some soft-skinned, stormless western land. Buildings here were built low and squat, particularly outside of big, sheltered cities. They’d be pointed eastward, toward the storms, and windows would only be on the leeward—the westward—side. Like the grass and the trees, mankind bowed before the storms. The alternative was to be ripped apart, for the Stormfather did not suffer the insolent.
But, then, these objects—ripped free in winds, deposited miles from their origins—had not come free in a highstorm. Another more fell wind had done this deed: a storm that blew the wrong direction.
The mere thought of that a panic rise inside of him, a feeling like he got when watching a hail of arrows fall on himself and his men. The everstorm, as it was called, was so wrong, so unnatural—like a baby born with no face. Some things just should not be.
And, the most troubling part was that the storm itself was not the worst of their problems.”

Read the rest of the chapter HERE —-> 


If you guys are too exhausted to go on, now is the perfect time to pause or just be done with it all because this part is just about ME. Uhmm, I cut my hair short again. And I didn’t even whine about it so that’s a big deal for me. Also, CAN WE JUST PLEASE CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT I’VE TRIED SLEEPING EARLY AND IT WORKED!!! for 2 times only but stillllll!! I have a very ugly and band sleeping habit and it’s not healthy anymore:





So I am changing.
Oh and I don’t think I’m gonna get the position anyway so I’m sharing it now: I have an Interview for Internship tomorrow for SpencerHill Press! And I’m so nervous right now I feel like backing out. Anyway, when I applied, I didn’t even think that they’d consider me for an interview so now.. I don’t know what to do and there’s a chance that my internet will act up and I’ll screw it all up. Did I mention that the interview will take place on 3:30pm EST? So that means that’s 3:30 am here in my side of the globe and there’s a chance that I’ll be high on caffeine at that time so.. WHO KNOWS WHAT I’LL SAY?




Whatever happens I’ll just eat ice cream right after. And then I’ll read . Yeah that’s gonna solve it WELL, THIS HAS BEEN FUN. Thank you for reading (please pat yourself in the back) You know I lurve you!


Monthly Rundown #002: AUGUST2014



HBT’s Monthly Rundown –  where I share things that made me grin ear to ear and some tidbits on what happened on the Blog this month. This AUGUST Monthly Rundown includes:

  • what I’ve read in the month of AUGUST
  • movie recommendation of the month!
  • aaaaand.. “What’s up, Paula?!” some uninteresting happenings in my life and maybe a selfie!
  • I actually have 2 more to add but I decided to just do it next month. I’m so lazy.



Hey hey hey! I know, I AM SUPER LATE. I’m sorry. I’m trying to be better at this blogging stuff. You’re probably not interested but I was sick the whole last week of August. Thank God for scheduled posts because I’m sure my blog will be full of flies by now if it weren’t for it. Also, thanks to YOU. I know I’m behind commenting back and checking out new blogs but as I said, I’m trying to be better! Being sick is not fun! Okay maybe a little because… I’ve read 25 books because of it. Okay so maybe some are DNF-ed. But still! 25?!



LOL. Here are the books I’ve read this month plus link to my reviews! You might be interested in heckling me or something.


226472131850600417560444the beautiful ashes

Zomburbia – DNF (review)

Forest Of Whispers – 4 ★ (review)

Arrow Of The Mist (Arrow Of The Mist #1) – 4 ★  (review)

The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny #1)  – 4 ★ (review)



The Promise Of Amazing – DNF (review)

Edge Of Falling (Falling #2) – DNF (review)

Elantris (Elantris #1) – 4★

Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel – 3 ★ (review)

TheManTest_Cover1NotQuiteDeadArtfulTeenager Carrying His Girlfriend


The Man Test – 4 ★ (review)

Not Quite Dead (A Lowcountry Ghoststory #1) – 4 ★ (review)

The Artful (Shadows Of The City #1) – DNF

Since Forever Ago – 1 ★ (review)


DangerousBoys Cover 15989350 17563080 17608141


Dangerous Boys – 4 ★ (review)

Written In Red (The Others #1) – 5 ★ (review)

Murder Of Crows (The Others #2) 4 ★ (review)

Aspen – 4 ★ – featured in BOOKtunes (review)


17901193 22728770 17788401 16068979


Undeclared (Woodlands #1) – 2.5 ★

The Beauty – 2 ★ (review)

Ugly Love – 2 ★ (review)

The Summer Of Letting Go – 3 ★ (review)


19141361 17393023 22818100 Misplace


Amity – 3 ★ (review)

Time After Time – 5 ★

Every Ugly Word – 4 ★ (review)

Misplaced – 3 ★ (review)


I’ve also joined some book tours this month! Okay, a lot! This whole month of September I got 16 blog tours happening! Plus 1 Bookish event. I know, I HAVE LOST CONTROL.



But it’s going to be fun, I assure you that! I’m having a GIVEAWAY this month too. I’ll be giving away a… I don’t know, probably one of my 30 iPhones lying around in the house. I JUST HAVE SO MANY YOU KNOW. Anywaaaay. I’m excited for my movie recommendation of this month because I’m still totally inlove with this film. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this movie already but here’s some clues for you.

  • It’a 2012 film
  • Paul Dano (I so love him in this film) and Zoe Kazan are starring in it.
  • It’s about a novelist (this is why I watched it actually)
  • Know what it is yet?
  • no?
  • Okay. It’s..




“She’s out of his mind”
Ruby Sparks is a 2012 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, and written by Zoe Kazan. It stars Paul Dano as an anxious novelist whose fictional character, Ruby Sparks, played by Kazan, comes to life. (source)
  • Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood) as Calvin Weir- Fields
  • Zoe Kazan (The Pretty One, What If) as Ruby Tiffany Sparks
  • Chris Messina (Argo, The Law & Order) as Harry

My first movie rec had to be reserved for a quite new personal favorite- even though some may disagree with my passion for this film. Ruby Sparks proves that a movie does not need an extravagant budget to be a work of art. While being described as “the best Woody Allen movie Woody Allen never made”, Ruby Sparks was actually the first film written and produced by Zoe Kazan, who also interpreted the main character, Ruby. It was directed by the wickedly talented couple,  Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who directed Little Miss Sunshine. This fantastic magical love story feels so real it does not need an explanation. However, Ruby Sparks is not the typical romantic comedy. While it does show the passion and the excitement of being in love, the film emphasizes the heartbreak and reality of a relationship turning sour. The movie is beautifully thought-provoking. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create an ideal partner? Well, Ruby Sparks will make you think about what it would feel like to be someone’s idea of an ideal partner.


Some quotes and photos from the movie:




Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state the words are not coming from you, but through you.


“She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.”




Just watch it. No more questions. Just. Watch. It. And pleaseee, tell me if you did, I wanna know what you think! 🙂


So. this is the most boring part. It’s just an update about yours trulyyyy. Well, I’M STILL ALIVE. That is all you need to know. And that I am doing nothing  but read and work (yes I am responsible) and make mixtapes! As you know (or not) I launched BOOKtunes last month. You can read and listen here. Now, it’s not possible for me to read a book and not find a music for it. It’s like a curse.. a beautiful curse =) Also, I got a new haircut!!! And I regret it. Ahh, what is new with that. Well, that’s it. Told you it’s boring but thanks anyway if you’ve read it. You’re awesome! <3