BOOK SPOTLIGHT: One Wish Away by Kelley Lynn + Giveaway!!


TITLE: One Wish Away
AUTHOR: Kelley Lynn
PUBLICATION: Expected publication: November 24th 2014 by Bloomsbury Spark
GENRE: YA > Science Fiction | Contemporary
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Be careful what you wish for…
Lyra has always been ahead of the curve. Top of her class in school, a budding astronomer, and with a best friend like Darren she barely has time to miss the mother who abandoned her family years ago. She’s too busy planning to follow in her father’s footsteps, and to become the youngest astronomer at Space Exploration and Discovery.
When a star goes missing Lyra is determined to get to the bottom of it only to discover her braniac dad is the mastermind of a top-secret government experiment. They promise to build a perfect world, one galaxy at a time, but with every tweak of the present, a bit more of the future starts to crumble.
Lyra has to go undercover to reveal the truth and let humanity decide if the consequences are worth more than wishing on a star. 
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Welcome to my stop for the One Wish Away blog Tour!! I’m excited to give you the gist about Kelley Lynn’s newest novel, here’s a great teaser for all of you!  There’s also a great giveaway waiting for you at the end of the post, don’t forget to enter. Thank you for stopping by!!



I'm in outer space







kelley lynn



Eventually the day came when the voices in Kelley Lynn’s head were more insistent then her engineering professor’s. So instead of turning to her Thermodynamics book, Kelley brought up a blank page on her computer screen and wrote. Somewhere along the way she became a Young Adult author.
Kelley was born and raised a Midwestern girl. She’s not afraid to sweat and fills her free time with softball, soccer and volleyball. (Though you probably don’t want her on your volleyball team.) She occasionally makes guest appearances as a female vocalist for area bands. Music plays a large role in her writing process as well as the characters and plot lines within her stories.

You can find Kelley hanging out at her blog, titled in her name, as well as the group blog she shares with her fellow critique partners, Falling for Fiction. Kelley is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.







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REVIEW: Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky a.k.a someone got hurty feelings


TITLE: The Perks of being a Wallflower
AUTHOR: Stephen Chbosky
PUBLICATION: Published June 29th 2010 by MTV Books
GENRE: YA > Realistic Fiction | Contemporary
PAGES: 221pages (kindle edition)
SOURCE: purchased


 2 ★★ 1/2


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Charlie is a freshman. And while he’s not the biggest geek in the school, he is by no means popular. Shy, introspective, intelligent beyond his year yet socially awkward, he is a wallflower, caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it. Charlie is attempting to navigate his way through uncharted territory: the world of first dates and mix tapes, family dramas and new friends; the world of sex, drugs, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when all one requires is that perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite. But he can’t stay on the sidelines forever. Standing on the fringes of life offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a deeply affecting coming-of-age story that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller-coaster days known as growing up. 





I read it to figure out what all the hype was about.

I still don’t know.


Just a few reminders:

A. This probably includes spoilers.

B. Parents! Please read it first before handing it to your child. I don’t know who decided to call this ‘teen fiction’ but I’m sure they were drunk.

C. The only thing I liked about this book is the Epilogue. If you want to read the book, just read the Epilogue.

D. There’s a chance this won’t make sense at all because I’m just gonna blabber.


I’ll probably be hated by rating this 2 stars and be called harsh and heartless because I didn’t like as much as the 635271363748 people that read this.

Oh this book is about ~growing up~ they say. You will have the ~feels~ they say. People need to know that this book is dark. So dark and very overrated. This is probably the most overrated book ever, next Twilight. Please! This isn’t about a wallflower! This is  about a teenager who cries a lot (like a lot! at the age of 15) and get amazed by mas**rbation (“wow!” said Charlie)

This book is for emos. For people who likes to dwell into their sadness and swim in their own tears because oh that girl doesn’t like me and i listen to mixtapes and i spent my free hours planning the ways to die. Depression isn’t a joke. I know that. And so is every issues that is included in this book like homosexuality, child molestation.. seriously, like all bad issues that you can think of, it’s probably here. See, the problem here is Chbosky managed to start every scenario with a bad issue that this bad  bad world is aware of.. and then just leave it there. Like, WHAT? WHAT? You don’t get to say “oh this guy raped this girl and you know *shrugs* things happen”

WHERE IS THE CONCLUSION? Actually, is that even what the book is about? I don’t understand why mention that in the first place as if it has something to do with Charlie. When Charlie haerd that he just said “Oh.”

Oh wow, see that’s so ~powerful~

“And finally he found this really amazing song about this boy, and we all got quiet.
Sam tapped her hand on the steering wheel. Patrick held his hand outside the car and made air waves. And I just sat between them. After the song finished, I said something.
‘I feel infinite.’
And Sam and Patrick looked at me like I said the greatest thing they ever heard. Because the song was that great and because we all really paid attention to it. Five minutes of a lifetime were truly spent, and we felt young in a good way.”


So. That is supposed to be poignant?



Give me a break.

The real issue here is just this: Aunt Helen molested Charlie and Charlie is trying to forget it (unconsciously) but the memories all rushed back when Sam started touching him. This all went down right before the epilogue. It was really a powerful chapter and the Epilogue was ugggh, hearbreaking. Yes, I did got teary eyed. My heart broke. And I want to hug this kid Charlie so bad.

And then I just got mad because, THAT IS WHAT THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. Why put us through that dull 80% of nonsense. Please! I could just read the epilogue and understand Charlie pretty well. This book just tries so hard to be deep and emotional so some (like me) will just get tired with it. I don’t even care what sob story you want to throw in next Chbosky, you’re not gonna get any tears from me.


P.S – I liked the movie a little.


ARC REVIEW: Henge by Realm Lovejoy


TITLE: Henge (Le Fay #1)
AUTHOR: Realm Lovejoy
GENRE: YA > Fantasy
SOURCE: review copy via tour host

5 ★★★★★

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Modern-day Camelot. Where knights no longer carry swords. Magic is dangerous. And those who seek control are not to be trusted.

Sixteen-year-old Morgan le Fay is a fire user. An ordinary girl with an extraordinary skill, she has the ability to create and command fire at will. Her dream is to become the Maven—the right hand of the future King Arthur. In the chance of a lifetime, Morgan is selected to join Arthur’s Round, an elite group of young magic users from which the new Maven will be chosen.

Along with the other fire, water, and wind users in Arthur’s Round, Morgan is rigorously trained and tested. The handsome Merlin, a brilliant water user, takes a particular interest in her. Is his friendship to be trusted, or is Merlin simply trying to win the position of Maven for himself? Among the many rivals Morgan faces is the current Maven, Mordred, who seems determined to see her fail.

But Morgan has a secret—years ago, her mother was executed for using fire magic, and Morgan’s desire for justice makes her more than ready to take on the challenge before her. Can she prevail in Camelot’s tests of survival and magic? Only time—and Morgan’s powerful fire—will tell.



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“This is my favorite feeling in the world. Hot energy spawns in my heart like the sun and travels through my arms. My veins burn. My body becomes like the earth, sizzling with flowing lava..”


I have found The Book. The book that makes me feel that Harry Potter, Vampire Academy (not because of the vampires) and The Hunger Games feels~


Nope. I’m not exaggerating or anything like that. I dare you to read this book and NOT be so invested like I did.. I swear, you will fail. Despite of the all those feels that I mentioned, Henge is original and totally stand on it’s own. This book needs more audience because it’s truly deserving. Realm Lovejoy is a very talented and brilliant author.

Henge is modern retelling of Camelot that focus on Morgan Le Fay. If you’re like me and you just heard that for the very first time, I suggest you Google it like I did because the story is really rich and intriguing. Much like this retelling that Realm Lovejoy crafted. The main protagonist is, of course, Morgan. She’s a Fire user. And something happened when she was still a child that gave her determination and courage to be a Maven (Its like a Kings adviser) But she’s not the only one who wants that position. Unfortunately, she’s one of the many magic users that wants that position and all of them are competing to be the Kings maven.

Henge is a fantasy book that doesn’t lose thrill in every chapter. Secrets, lies, action, kickass characters, this book has it all. Morgan is a very likeable protagonist. I actually like her more than Katniss. She can be so badass, be a girl (you know, that gets crushes and all that) and still be smart, intuitive and make logical actions. She’s my favorite part. Every characters in this book is a gem actually, they’re real and even though we are seeing them through Morgan’s eyes, it feels like we know them. They’re fantastically and wonderfully written. All of them, even the antagonists.

I still don’t know when will the sequel be out but I AM TELLING YOU, I’M DYING!! ITS TORTURE. I WANT IT NOWWWWW. I’ve never wanted a sequel so bad (okay since World After, Murder of Crows.. etc) Anyway, HENGE IS THAT GOOD. We always have some problems about first book in a series, this one is too much awesome to hate. Its perfection.

Henge richly written with beautiful characters that will satisfy your YA read need. This book is made for every readers! If you’re fan of HP, VA, or THG.. I absolutely suggest you read Henge!


 I ship Morgan with Lancelot. Pls author, MAKE IT HAPPEN. I KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING THERE. I. JUST. KNOW. IT.



Realm LovejoyWebpage | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Tumblr

Realm Lovejoy is an American writer and an artist. She grew up in both Washington State and the Japanese Alps of Nagano, Japan. Currently, she lives in Seattle and works as an artist in the video game industry. CLAN is her first book. You can find out more about her and her book at












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EXCERPT: The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (Lara Craft Saga #1) by Lola Salt


TITLE: The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (Lara Craft Saga #1)
AUTHOR: Lola Salt
PUBLICATION: Published January 16th 2013 by Alula Press
GENRE: A/NA > Contemporary | Romance | Humor
PAGES: 320pages (ebook)
SOURCE: review copy via tour host
You can buy the Book here:


From bestselling authors Becky Wicks (Before He Was Famous, Before He Was Gone) and Sarah Alderson (Hunting Lila, Fated, Come Back to Me) comes a new romance with a difference…
After losing her job and her boyfriend on the same day, Lara’s beginning to wonder if her life can possibly get any worse. Then along comes Jamie, a childhood friend, offering her a job delivering mysterious packages to random destinations around the world. Suddenly, things are looking up.
Lara packs her bags and sets off on an epic adventure, meeting billionaire Arabic Princes in Dubai, rugged cowboys in Australia, a sparkling wannabe vampire in LA, a love guru with sex on the brain in Bali and Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards in a hostage situation that can only be resolved with some very special eggs. But though trouble always seems to find Lara, it seems love is rather more elusive.
Pack your bags. The adventure’s about to begin!





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‘Don’t worry. It’s always like this.’

Lara’s eyes flashed open. She turned her head and saw a man peering between the seats from the row behind. How had she missed him? She had been in rather a hurry to get on the plane with her package, but to miss a fine specimen of manhood like this just wasn’t like her. He was utterly gorgeous.

The plane juddered through another wave of turbulence. Lara lurched forwards and smacked her head into the seat in front. The Jade Eggs shifted position, no longer pressing on her G-spot and finally providing some respite from the waves of pleasure threatening to cripple her. She sighed deeply.

‘Are you sure the pilot knows how to fly a plane?’ she asked the handsome man behind, who she noticed now looked a bit like Colin Farrell.

He grinned at her. ‘Probably not, but our fates are in his hands so let’s choose to believe he does.’

Lara smiled. The man held out his hand over the top of his seat. ‘Julian,’ he said by way of introduction, then he nodded at the man beside him in aviator sunglasses. This one looked a little like Tom Cruise, only taller. ‘This is Alex.’

‘Lara,’ Lara answered, shaking their hands. ‘Are you both with the UN then?’

‘No,’ Julian answered, ‘We work in private security.’

Lara’s eyes widened. Bodyguards. How sexy. ‘What are you protecting?’ she asked, thinking how much she’d like to have a bodyguard.

‘We can’t disclose the identity of our clients,’ Julian replied, suddenly stony-faced.

Lara shot him a sly sideways glance. ‘Can we play twenty questions?’ she asked, pouting at him seductively. The eggs had made her feel quite naughty. ‘You just have to say yes, or no. Or you can even just nod if you like.’

Both of them smiled, which Lara took as acquiescence, so she launched straight in. ‘Is it a politician?’

Julian shook his head, his blue eyes flashing with amusement.

‘Is it a famous person?’

He nodded once.

‘Is it a celebrity?’ she gasped.

He nodded again.

Lara clapped her hands together. There were only a few famous people who would be somewhere a humanitarian crisis was happening.

‘Is it Sean Penn?’ she asked, certain she was right.

The man shook his head.

‘Oh,’ Lara frowned, wrinkling her nose. ‘Bono?’

Julian shook his head again. Lara bit her lip, her eyes growing even rounder. That left only one person. But it couldn’t be. She thought back to Soul’s prediction in Bali. ‘It’s not…Angelina Jolie is it?’ she asked breathlessly.

Julian held her gaze. He didn’t nod, but he didn’t shake his head either.

‘Oh my God!’ Lara squealed. ‘Angelina Jolie is going to be there?’

His face remained blank. ‘I can’t divulge my clients.’










Lola Salt is the pen name for two bestselling authors: Sarah Alderson & Becky Wicks.

Becky has written several non-fiction travel diaries for Harper Collins; Burqualicious, Balilicious & Latinalicious, and the new adult Starstruck Series featuring Before He Was Famous, Before He Was Gone and Before He Was a Secret.Sarah is better known for her Young Adult novels, particularly the critically acclaimed Hunting Lila series (published by Simon & Schuster), as well as the Fated series. She also wrote the new adult romance Come Back To Me under another pen name of Mila Gray.

The two authors met in Bali. Come visit us sometime and we’ll buy you a coconut.





REVIEW: Embers (The Wings of War #1) by Karen Ann Hopkins


TITLE: Embers (The Wings of War #1)
AUTHOR: Karen Ann Hopkins
PUBLICATION: Published October 21st 2014 by Karen Ann Hopkins
GENRE: YA > Fantasy | Paranormal | Angels
PAGES: 357 pages (kindle edition)
SOURCE: review copy via tour host

4 ★★★★

You can buy the Book here:


There are descendants of angels walking among us. Ember is one of them. And she may be the only hope mankind has as the rapture approaches and evils rises.
Embers is an epic paranormal adventure about a seventeen year old girl who discovers that she’s immune to fire and any other injury when she’s in a horrific car crash that kills her parents. Following a violent episode with her aunt’s boyfriend, Ember flees Ohio to live with an old relative in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Ember’s exuberance at escaping a bad home life soon turns to trepidation when she finds out that she’s a Watcher, a descendant of angels. While Ember learns about her heritage, and the powers that go along with it, she strikes up friendships with two teenagers who live in a frightening walled compound in the forest. Inexplicitly drawn to one of the young men in particular, an impossible romance develops. But it is cut short when Ember discovers that her new friends are fighting on the opposite side of a war, one that’s been raging between two factions of Watchers for thousands of years. When the compound’s inhabitants threaten the townspeople, Ember takes action, sealing her fate in the ancient battle of good versus evil, and the grayness in between. Ember is up to the challenge, until she realizes that she isn’t only fighting for the lives of the locals and the souls of her new friends. She also might be one of the few champions who will make a stand for all of mankind as the rapture approaches and the end of days begin.
Embers is a dark and gritty YA novel that’s the first book in the series, The Wings of War.





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I’m now convinced. Karen ann Hopkins can write anything.. and I will like it. I really enjoyed her novel, Lamb to the Slaughter and because I found out that this is her first YA Paranormal, I didn’t know what to expect.

Ember’s parents died in a car crash srash that should’ve killed her too but with unknown reasons fire cannot seem to harm her in any way. Until she was shipped off to her mothers  friend, Ila, that she found all the answers that she’s been dying to know… Ember is a descendant of a kind of angel. She’s a Watcher. And with the help of Aunt Ila, she’s training and practicing to be more skillfull with her abilities.

But being a Watcher is not Ember’s main problem. The world is going to an end… and that man in her dreams (literally) might have something to do with it.

Ohh, people, I. LOVE. IT.


This is a sexy and action packed paranormal that everybody is looking for, with supernatural characters that are completely unique and distinct. This book reminded me of The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost (which I loved) It has the right amount of wit, romance, action and mystery. Though the start was a bit slow.. the plot was really gripping. I was intrigued by all the monsters and supernatural creatures that Ila was telling Ember and I found myself asking for more of Watcher’s history. It didn’t lack, really. I was satisfied with the whole explanation and it still left me wanting for more and making me excited for the sequel. Just thinking about what’s in store for Ember and Sawyer makes me giddy.

Some people might be put off with the Instalove. I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s there. And it’s scorching hot. Like, it’s blazing flames! The attraction between Ember and Sawyer is unbelievable.



Even us, the readers, cannot deny the chemistry between this two. From the moment they locked theor aeyes at each other, romance is already brewing. But I loved that them getting together took time. I know the attraction was kind of fast.. okay, scratch kind of, because IT IS fast, but none of the two made bad decisions and decided to just eat each others face (though the WANT is there) the circumstances is still on their mind. And I like that a lot.

Ember is a vey likeable character too, which I did not expect. I loved how she acted all snarky and fought the attraction that is pulling her towards Sawyer. And Sawyer.. WOWZA. Sawyer screams MAN, there is nothing boy about him. Totally alpha and very swoon worthy.

Hopkins’ writing is very easy to get into. Besides the bit of slow pacingI mentioned above, I did not struggle at all and everything just went smoothly. I was transfixed and her writing absolutely held me through out the book. I cannot wait for the sequel! The end was not a total cliffy but it surely left me hanging and begging for more! I absolutely recommend this to everyone!







Karen HopkinsWebsite | Blog | Twitter | | Goodreads


A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.








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