ARC REVIEW: Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards


TITLE: Gone Too Far
AUTHOR: Natalie D. Richards
PUBLICATION: Expected publication: January 6th 2015 by Sourcebooks Fire
GENRE: YA > Mystery
PAGES: 304pages (paperback)
SOURCE: arc via publisher

4 ★★★★

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Keeping secrets ruined her life. But the truth might just kill her.
Piper Woods can’t wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She’s sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone’s sure it’s suicide, but Piper remembers Stella’s name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.
Drowning in secrets she doesn’t want to keep, Piper’s fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished…
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This is definitely one of my fastest read this year. It made my heart race, it kept me guessing and it made me stay up all night. It made me forget that I have a bladder and that I have to feed myself. I don’t know about you but those are signs of a good and brilliant book. This is my first from Natalie D. Richards and I honestly don’t know why. I’ve read good things about her first novel, Six Months Later and I can’t wait to be lost again in the mystery of that novel.

Piper is an interesting MC. She’s smart and creative and full of understandable flaws. When it comes to mystery/thriller books, main characters are really important because they have to voice out what the readers are thinking. It is pure torture if the MC are irritating and not asking the obvious questions. Thank the book gods that Piper is not like that. The other supporting characters are well crafted as well. I suspected everyone to be honest.

But of course, the mystery is the reason that Gone Too Far is a success. Natalie’s writing is really easy to get lost into. Like I mentioned above, this is a fast red for me. I stayed up all night. And when I guessed who the culprit was and found out in the end that I was right, I did my weird celebratory dance in the middle of the night (and the world will never know) Gone Too Far also showed how high school can mess up someone. I was never a fan of high school and I’m pretty much trying to forget those years but I’m still thankful that I did not end up like the culprit.

Overall, Gone Too Far is really a brilliant and exceptional book. The plot is well thought, the characters are believable and if you’re looking for a stay-up-all-night-forget-everything kind of read, this is it!








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At seven, Natalie D. Richards wrote about Barbara Frances Bizzlefishes (who wouldn’t dare do the dishes.) Now she writes about awesome girls, broody boys, and all things dark and creepy. Natalie lives in Ohio (Go Bucks!) with her techno-wiz husband, three amazing kids, and a seventy pound dust-mop who swears he’s the family dog. Her psychological thriller, Six Months Later, will be released in October 1, 2013 by Sourcebooks Fire. Until then, you’ll probably find her writing her next book or trying to wade through the towers of dog-eared paperbacks that have taken over her bedroom.








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ARC REVIEW: We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story a.k.a possibly, my memoir


TITLE: We Should Hang Out Sometime; Embarrassingly, A True Story
AUTHOR: Josh Sundquist
PUBLICATION: Expected publication: December 23rd 2014 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
GENRE: A > Non Fiction | Humor
PAGES: 336pages (ebook)
SOURCE: e-arc via publisher


4 ★★★★



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“When I was twenty-five years old, it came to my attention that I had never had a girlfriend. At the time, I was actually under the impression that I was in a relationship, so this bit of news came as something of a shock.”
Why was Josh still single? To find out, he tracked down each of the girls he had tried to date since middle school and asked them straight up: What went wrong?
The results of Josh’s semiscientific investigation are in your hands. From a disastrous Putt-Putt date involving a backward prosthetic foot, to his introduction to CFD (Close Fast Dancing), and a misguided “grand gesture” at a Miss America pageant, this story is about looking for love-or at least a girlfriend-in all the wrong places.
Poignant, relatable, and totally hilarious, this memoir is for anyone who has ever wondered, “Is there something wrong with me?”
(Spoiler Alert: the answer is no.)




Oh wow. Wshos might be the funniest book I’ve read this year. I admit that I’m not really big on reading Non Fiction books BUT I do enjoy them. Especially ones like this. There’s just something so special about reading memories that happened in a person.. for real. Even if those are embarrassing moments. (More reason to read them tbqh) And even thought the author is older than me and not in the same species with me.. I found this book surprisingly relatable.

And maybe because this is about watching too much FRIENDS, but the author totally reminds me of Chandler.


I don’t know, they’re just both funny and awkward and adorable.

Oh and what am I talking about. There’s NO SUCH THING AS ‘TOO MUCH’ FRIENDS.

Anyway, the book was funny and absolutely life changing.. in a way. I mean, maybe not in dramatic sense, but this book will really make you think. About how you see yourself. About your views in dating. About stuff that really matters.

And lastly, the author is really admirable. Even though he is, as people will say, different.. to have a light and inspiring spirit like his is truly admirable. And I’m really glad that he shared these embarrassing but totally life lesson worthy memories of him to his readers. I really suggest you guys should give this book a go.



REVIEW: Rough Around the Edges meets Redefined (Meet Your Match #2) by Rachael Anderson


TITLE: Rough around the Edges Meets Refined (Meet Your Match #2)
AUTHOR: Rachael Anderson
PUBLICATION: Published by HEA Publishing (first published December 15th 2014)
GENRE: A/NA > Romance | Contemporary
PAGES: 100pages (kindle edition)
SOURCE: review copy via tour host

3 ★★★1/2

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For Noah Mackie, life is finally back on track. He has a great support system, a promised promotion is on its way, and he’s finally getting the hang of this single father thing. But when the job falls through and his neighbor’s matchmaking efforts become more aggressive, Noah is in for yet another unwanted detour. With his career and two spirited daughters to worry about, he doesn’t have time for dating—especially not someone like Cassie Ellis, his girls’ beautiful and sophisticated dance instructor, who is about as open and approachable as a brick wall.
Rough around the Edges Meets Refined is about two people who think they know exactly what they want but who have no idea what they really need. It’s about learning that people aren’t always what they seem and that sometimes life’s detours take you exactly where you need to go.
Rough Around the Edges
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“Slow and steady wins the race, right? Especially when it comes to relationships.”


Simple, sweet and heartfelt. Rachael never fails to bring a smile to my face everytime I read a novel of hers. This series just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely enjoyed the first book in the series and this following installment isn’t an exception. Just like other Rachael’s novels, this book has the simple but meaningful love story that Rachael always do best. 

In this story, Noah has just lost his job and having problems with how he can provide for his daughters. Being a single Dad is not easy, that’s why he is certain that he has no time for relationships… can Cassie change his mind?

Being a widow can change someone. Especially if the relationship is not the relationship that everyone sees. Cassie is not someone who goes for fast and spontaneous, she made the mistake once and she’s not about to do it again… but when it comes to Noah, why is she suddenly changing?

How these two people got together was really a very sweet journey. Just like the quote said, it was slow but steady. I love how this is not just a love story. In a short amount of pages, I got to know Cassie and Noah pretty well. Along the way, they fixed some problems and issues with the help of each other. Which made the book more sweet, genuine and meaningful.

Rachael did it again! This is another great installment in a very incredible series.






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USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.









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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Love and Other Theories by Alexis Bass

TITLE: Love and Other Theories
AUTHOR: Alexis Bass
PUBLICATION: Expected publication: December 31st 2014 by HarperTeen
GENRE: YA > Contemporary | Romance
PAGES: 384pages (hardcover)



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Love and Other Theories is a fast-paced twist on the coming-of-age novel . . . and the romantic comedy.
Aubrey and her best friends made a pact to play by the guys’ rules when it comes to dating. They’re hoping the rules will keep them from experiencing high school heartbreak–they don’t realize that these rules could just as easily keep them from opening their hearts and minds. And when new boy Nathan Diggs moves to town, Aubrey starts to think that some rules are meant to be broken.
With equal parts bite and romance, topped off with an irresistibly engaging voice, Alexis Bass’s debut novel is one you won’t want to miss.




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Alexis Bass grew up in Washington, went to college in Arizona, and spent her early twenties in Seattle. She currently lives in Northern California with Dylan McKay, her gorgeous and rambunctious golden retriever. She loves good fashion and good TV as much as a good book, and is a huge advocate of the three C’s: coffee, chocolate, and cheese. LOVE AND OTHER THEORIES is her first novel.









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SNEAK-A-PEEK: Forbidden (Forbidden #1) by Kimberley Griffith Little

hftTITLE: Forbidden (Forbidden #1)
AUTHOR: Kimberley Griffiths Little
PUBLICATION: Published November 4th 2014 by Harpercollins
GENRE: YA > Fantasy | Historical Fiction
PAGES: 397pages (Hardcover)
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**Starred** in American Library Association BOOKLIST
In the unforgiving Mesopotamian desert where Jayden’s tribe lives, betrothal celebrations abound, and tonight it is Jayden’s turn to be honored. But while this union with Horeb, the son of her tribe’s leader, will bring a life of riches and restore her family’s position within the tribe, it will come at the price of Jayden’s heart.
Then a shadowy boy from the Southern Lands appears. Handsome and mysterious, Kadesh fills Jayden’s heart with a passion she never knew possible. But with Horeb’s increasingly violent threats haunting Jayden’s every move, she knows she must find a way to escape—or die trying.
With a forbidden romance blossoming in her heart and her family’s survival on the line, Jayden must embark on a deadly journey to save the ones she loves—and find a true love for herself.
Set against the brilliant backdrop of the sprawling desert, the story of Jayden and Kadesh will leave readers absolutely breathless as they defy the odds and risk it all to be together.
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Who’s excited for some for some historical fiction and a lot of belly dancing?? Check out these excerpts and teasers from Kimberley’s FORBIDDEN!!










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Award-winning author Kimberley Griffiths Little was born in San Francisco, but now lives in New Mexico on the banks of the Rio Grande with her husband and their three sons. Her middle-grade novels, When the Butterflies Came, The Last Snake Runner, The Healing Spell, and Circle of Secrets, have been praised as “fast-paced and dramatic,” with “beautifully realized settings.” Kimberley adores anything old and musty with a secret story to tell. She’s stayed in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland; sailed the Seine in Paris; ridden a camel in Petra, Jordan; shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.








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