ARC REVIEW: The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay a.k.a. when the ending left you.. unsatisfied


The Kiss
Lucy Courtenay
Published July 2nd 2015 by Hachette Children’s Group
YA > Fantasy |
288pageskindle edition
arc via publisher


3 ★★★1/2




‘Aphrodite kissed a mortal once by the light of this moon, many thousands of years ago. It drove him crazy. The next person that he kissed – boum. The craziness travelled like this from person to person. It travelled through time. Everywhere – boum! Tu comprends?’ ‘Where did it end up?’ I whisper. His lips are on my cheek now. ‘It ended with me. And now I am going to pass it to you. You will like that, mermaid?’ Imagine the perfect kiss. A legendary kiss that makes people crazy with love. Imagine a summer’s night, on a moonlit beach in the South of France, as French boy Laurent kisses 16-year-old Delilah after the best chat-up line she’s ever heard. BOOM! Delilah is pretty sure the Kiss is fiction, despite her head-spinning holiday fling. But with all the sudden crushes, break-ups and melt-downs happening back at home, the Kiss starts looking a little too real for comfort. If only Delilah could keep track of where it’s gone …Who knew one kiss could cause this much trouble? A hilarious rom-com that will delight Geek Girls everywhere!.




“Guess I was the only one who felt it,” he says..
“Felt what?”
“Like the moon was inside me.”


This is probably one of the swooniest book I’ve ever read. EVER. When I try to remember my feelings towards this book, all I can recall is swooning and a hint of melancholy. The Kiss had its moments, but sadly the ending kinda ruined everything for me.

To be honest, I prepared myself in hating this book. Its just one of those book that I feel like I will hate. Maybe because I won’t like the main character or the romance will be too cheesy for me or you know, the famous INSTALOVE will happen… I just really feel that in some way, this book is gonna piss me off. But surprise, surprise! I liked it.. so much. Yes, the main character did piss me off at first. And yes, the romance was indeed a bit cheesy but there’s something about THE KISS that is so addicting that I finished it in one sitting.

Maybe its because how the MC turned out to be a total badass. Or maybe its because of the charismatic Jem. Or maybe its Lucy’s very seductive way of writing… I just know that there’s something about this book that made my eyes glued in it. Jem and Delilah is explosive in every page! You can really feel how perfect these two are together. Delilah is all sass and badass on the outside.. but inside? A big softie! And Jem? …….I have no words.


The reason this isn’t a 4 or 5 star for me is the UNSATISFYING ending. I was really pissed. I can’t believe it ended JUST LIKE THAT. There’s so many things that needs to be resolved! And okay, okay, I just really want more moments of Jem and Delilah together. I really wish there’s MORE!

Overall, The Kiss is still worth giving a try! If you’re a YA romance reader, you’ll inhale The Kiss like crack! Its creative, swoony and in some way, memorable. Lucy Courtenay is definitely one of my to-go list now when it comes to this genre.



ARC REVIEW: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

Emmy & Oliver
Robin Benway
Published June 23rd 2015 by HarperTeen
YA >  Contemporary
352 pages 
eARC for Review


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 Emmy’s best friend, Oliver, reappears after being kidnapped by his father ten years ago. Emmy hopes to pick up their relationship right where it left off. Are they destined to be together? Or has fate irreparably driven them apart?
Emmy just wants to be in charge of her own life.
She wants to stay out late, surf her favorite beach—go anywhere without her parents’ relentless worrying. But Emmy’s parents can’t seem to let her grow up—not since the day Oliver disappeared.
Oliver needs a moment to figure out his heart.
He’d thought, all these years, that his dad was the good guy. He never knew that it was his father who kidnapped him and kept him on the run. Discovering it, and finding himself returned to his old hometown, all at once, has his heart racing and his thoughts swirling.
Emmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever, or maybe even more, before their futures were ripped apart. In Emmy’s soul, despite the space and time between them, their connection has never been severed. But is their story still written in the stars? Or are their hearts like the pieces of two different puzzles—impossible to fit together?


Emmy & Oliver and its author Robin Benway have ruined me for YA Contemporary.

If you are to continue reading this raving/gushing/fangiry “review,” then know this: I’m a melodramatic reader. Not in the sense that I like drama in my reads—eww no, oh my god, no—but I tend to take everything that happens in a book, to the characters, to heart. And this is especially true for YA. I am a Young Adult, I am a part of the demographic that these books are aimed at, and books like Emmy & Oliver are the reason I get stuck in those bloody book hangovers for days.

Emily and Oliver were best friends in their childhood, up until Oliver was kidnapped by his father when he was seven and taken away. Ten years go by, but Emmy still thinks of Oliver every night just before bed. She thinks of how different it would be if he were here, how their little community would be different and how her parents would be less…controlling of her life. And she wishes Oliver would just come back.

Until one day, he does. And then Emmy is lost, because she’d wished for him to come back but now that he’s here she doesn’t know what to do. Especially since Oliver seems like he doesn’t remember her the way she remembers him. There begins the story of Emmy, who has to learn to reconcile the seven-year old Ollie to the seventeen-year old Oliver Sawyer, and Oliver himself, who has to understand the aftermath of his being taken away.

Once I’d finished reading the book, I found it very difficult to summarise my thoughts about this book—simply because I didn’t know how to. There’s so much about Emmy & Oliver that made me want to cry and laugh and keep this book to myself, not wanting to show it to anyone. Why? Because this book, these characters? They’re me! I felt like this book was custom-made for me and the author had managed to infiltrate my thoughts and dreams and desires and put them on paper, albeit a bit more poetically than they really are.

Without delving too deep into the characters or the story itself, I want to talk about the book as a whole. This book was a work of art simply because it explored the way teenagers think and it succeeded. I’m not saying reading teenagers is difficult (like it was mentioned in the book, we’re people) but there’s always this uproar of how we’re mood-swingy and rebellious and just neurotic. And I’ve never understood it, because I’m pretty sure I go through the same emotions adults go through and I’m being stereotyped for it. But Robin Benway’s writing showed me that maybe, just maybe, adults see us for the people we are. The characters in this book didn’t speak eloquently or dish out words of wisdom or try to be adult-like. They were flawed and they were perfect.

There’s no two ways about it…this book isn’t perfect. There were things I disagreed with like Oliver being a little unkind to his mother on his return, Emmy lying to her parents a lot, but while I didn’t like them, I understood them. They weren’t the right things to do, of course, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what I would do differently if I were in the place of these characters. This only makes the book more realistic and it became infinitely more easier for me to connect with it.

If you have to read one YA Contemporary this year, then let it be this one. And if there’s one YA MC you have to fall in love with, let it be Emmy.



HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY HBT! + new co-bloggers!! #HBTturns1


Can you believe its almost a year!? I can’t believe the blog survived. I can’t believe I survived. When I first started blogging I didn’t even imagine that I’ll draft a post for a blogoversary. I didn’t even know the word blogoversary before. When I planned for my blogoversary, I thought a lot of things, a lot of FUN posts and giveaways…. but I decided to just do a very simple post. Just a post full of THANK YOU’S. To books… to authors… to readers,… to co-bloggers…. to YOU. We might not get a chance to mention everyone, that doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking of you.


From Paula…


I wanna give thanks to my fellow book bloggers. Without you all, I’m 100% sure that I left book blogging loooooooong time ago. You guys keep me going.
To Faye, who is the first blogger that I stalked, thanks for existing and being oh-so-friendly. And I’m sorry to say this but, I WAS INTIMIDATED by you. Hahaha!!! But I want everyone to know this: FAYE IS A WONDERFUL PERSON AND A RIOT. She’s a delightful person to interact with.
To DRE, who is LITERALLY the reason why I’m still here. MAAAASTER. I can’t wait to meet you in person. I have no idea what made you host me and other blogs but I wanna know that I’m REALLY REALLY grateful.
To Amir, who I want to meet in person as well. Thanks for being so kind and supportive to EVERYONE! Seriously, you’re like this pretty awesome encourager for every book blogger you know (including me :P)
To Aimee and Shannelle, you young ladies are inspirations! Seriously, sometimes I look at your blogs and just… wow. You’re both so talented and precious to me. Can’t wait to meet you both in person too. And know this, I’ll hug you both so tight.
To Jules, Miguel, Ate Joy, Ella, Hazel, Ate Irish, Carmel and Kyla, Inah, and fellow Filipino book blog and twitter buddies!!! You guuuuuys, thanks for always talking to me about anything. For tolerating my selfies. For entertaining my silly questions. You have no idea how much I appreciate you ALL.
To Val, Kelly, Mishma, Jeann, Keionda, Melanie and fellow book blogger who even though doesn’t share the same timezone with me, still feels like friends IRL… you guys make me so happy. I don’t know why did you even bother to check out my blog… but I just wanna say thanks.
To Christina, who gave me a chance to become her co-blogger. I can’t wait for you to come back and blog again. Thanks for trusting me and helping me a lot.
To authors like Melissa Pearl, Theresa Kay, Marci Lynn Curtis, Jennifer Murgia, Lisa Amowitz and many more…. thank you for being so friendly and entertaining my fangirling.
To Omoye… who entrusted me with a huge responsibility and made me realize that there’s a lot of things that I’m capable of… thanks Omoye! <3
To Marga and Rhea *sniffs* Do I even have to say anything? I didn’t even know why you applied as my co-blogger, but know that I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL. I LOVE YOU BOTH LIKE SRSLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
To readers, whether its because of our reviews, or because of our discussion posts, or just because of giveaways… I have no idea why you guys keep coming back, just know that I appreciate you all.


From Rhea..


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Her Book Thoughts has completed 365 days and Paula has completed 8766 hours of being a complete, kick-ass, blogger person!

I honestly don’t even know how to begin thanking Paula! She’s just such a wonderful person and I do believe this girl is incapable of anger. She updates the blog, manages all posts, keeps us all co-bloggers in line (hehe, kidding) while also managing to post every other day. Being a part of Paula and Her Book Thoughts has helped me make so, so many new friends, not to mention I have someone to always help out, no matter where I need the help! You know I love you, Paula <3

Thank you Faye, Aimee, Nia, Carmel & Kyla, Marga, Miel, Justine, Maryam and all my other Twitter friends I know I’m forgetting. You guys are always available to talk to and just generally awesome people. A girl needs people like you in life. And I know you all thanks to my part in HBT and that makes me so happy 🙂

Thank you also to Valerie, Shannelle, Amir, Lola, Suzi Q, KimbaCaffeinate, Nova and Keionda for always stopping by and leaving us your thoughts. Your comments and love are always, always appreciated and never fail to bring a smile to our faces 🙂



From HBT crew..


And I didn’t even know if you guys were updated, but last month, I searched for new co bloggers. And here they are. THANKS SO SO MUCH for all of those who applied. I’m so excited to have Marla and Sam on board. I love them both already.



I’m Marla Mei but please just call me Marla. I really don’t like it when people call me by my full name. I’m a 19-year old college student with hopes of becoming a CPA someday so I can have lots of money to spend for traveling with my family and buying more books (obviously) to satisfy my addiction.
When I’m not reading I usually spend my time solving accounting problems and partying it hard with my textbooks. So exciting!!!
I read a lot because if I don’t I’d probably go crazy with all the numbers in my head and the never-ending weariness accounting is giving to me. Sometimes a girl just needs a break. Can’t have a break without books. And a kitkat.
Twitter: @marlameilim
Instagram: @marlameilim
FB: @marlameilim
Public e-mail:
Five facts about me:
  • I use OMG a lot and talk in exclamations and capital letters especially when I’m super excited.
  • I have a bad habit of alternating between biting my nails and cracking my knuckles whenever I have nothing to do with my hands. Give me something to do! Preferably something that won’t make me get up from my chair.
  • The last time I got invited to play chess with my cousins, they thought I was some chess goddess so of course, I had to tell some random excuse just so I could get out of it without tainting my chess goddess title.  I HAVE NEVER LEARNED HOW TO PLAY CHESS AND I HAVE NO INTENTIONS TO DO SO.
  • If I don’t like the taste of the food I’m eating, I’d just put ketchup on it and everything will be right in my world.
  • I used to think TL;DR was an emoticon. (So sorry for the ignorance.) Thank God I haven’t used it.



Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.50.43 AMMy real name is Samantha but I go by Sam | Hi! I’m Sam and I’m 15! Books are my favorite things. I’m a competition dancer and I live in the United States!  | My blog is | Accounts: Goodreads , Twitter, Youtube, Instagram | Public 


5 fun facts:

1. I’m very talkative

2. I run track even though I hate running.

3.  I’m really indecisive

4. I’m generally a very energetic, happy person.

5. I love to learn new big vocabulary words. 


Hey I’m really curious, what makes you keep coming back to our blog? And lastly, from all of us..





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Bookish Thoughts #008: Do Bookish Lovers Miss Out IRL?

bookish thoughts


Welcome to Book-ish thoughts! A feature here on Her Book Thoughts where we ask for a little of your time to share a thought about useless and nonsense things. YAY! Don’t worry, it will ALWAYS have something to do with a book or anything bookish!

See past posts HERE


This post was inspired by Between Us and The Moon by Rebecca Maizel. To read my review of the book go here.

I’m a bookish person. And I fucking hate the outdoors.

There. I said it. I can go days without seeing the sun and I’m lazy, so I prefer the indoor. Of course I don’t want to be a couch potato (of the bookish kind, not TV) and my parents are freaky about being healthy (ugh!) and so, to keep the parental unit happy, I’ve been doing yoga for some time now. And, I like it. I like having my yoga class friends and my yoga instructor whom I love but who is also a pain in my ass (and my thighs, and my arms and my legs and whatever I’m working on that day).

But here’s what’s been troubling me.

Apart from my daily yoga, regular outings with friends and attending Mass on Sundays, I’m a homebody. Like most of us book lovers, I prefer the company of a good book and a hot drink. Coffee, in my case, but you get the idea. And I’m okay with this, I really am. But I often find myself wondering if I’m missing out on what’s happening outside—in the real world.

I’m not a party person and I’m not a person who likes to drink or smoke or dance and I avoid romantic contact like the bubonic plague. I’m not a loner by any means, but I do enjoy the solitude in my room. It’s the type of person I am.

Again, am I missing out on stuff that happens outside of my current read? Am I missing out on key teenage experiences, ones that I’ll never get back if I stay cooped up at home with a book?

We book people have a tendency to enter a zone wile we’re reading. We don’t want to move, we don’t want to be interrupted, but most importantly, we don’t want to stop. But is all our time inside—that we know is amazing because the book in our hands is fantastic—robbing us of experiencing the world?

How on earth can I judge whether characters make right or wrong decisions in certain situations, if I’ve never seen that situation? Why? I’m home, reading. How will I ever put into practice everything I’ve ever learnt from books if I never get out of my library and make my own mistakes?

At the end of the day, I think what matters most is what helps you sleep easy at the end of the day. Think you’ve spent too long a day inside? Get out. Get a new hobby. Don’t stop reading—NEVER do that—but take up swimming, or dancing, or underwater basket weaving.

Think you’ve weaved too many baskets with the sharks? Read something relaxing.

What makes you happy at the end of the day is the most important thing.


What are your thoughts? Are you an outdoorsy person? Are you an homebody, like me, and worry about missing out on real world experiences too? Speak and you shall be heard!



An Open Letter To: S.E Hinton, Rainbow, Leila and Jodi Lynn #IntAuthorsDay + Giveaway!!

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[All of the covers are linked to Goodreads.]

First of all, I wanna give thanks to Debdatta for organizing this event and that she let me be a part of it. Although I cried the whole time I wrote this post, I had fun. Second, they’re SO SO MANY authors I wanna give thanks to but I decided to just choose the ones that REALLY MADE A HUGE IMPACT in my life. We’re talking about life changing kind of impact. Every time I read a book, I make sure it leaves something in me. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, I make sure I let the author know. Whether its by email or just a tweet. I wanna make sure she/he knows that his/her book did something inside of me. And that its special. And that she/he should just keep writing.

I wanna keep that culture in the bookish community. Not only it helps an author, it also makes YOU happy. Trust me, it does. Below, I wrote a very short note for he dear authors that really pushed me into reading. I’m not even sure if they’ll get to read it but I honestly don’t care. I wanna give thanks and just let you guys know how much I love them!



My review of: This Song Will Save Your Life | Tiger Lily


An open letter to S.E Hinton, Rainbow, Leila and Jodi Lynn



To S.E. Hinton..




Thank you for Ponyboy’s story. Thank you for showing me what real friendship is. For making me realize that poverty isn’t a hindrance when it comes to happiness and having a dream. Thank you for showing me how a real sibling cares. Thank you for letting me realize that ‘true friends’ are rare and that I should not let them slip out of my life. You made me see the world differently. The Outsiders told me how big and important loyalty is. And for as long as I can remember, I wanna be courageous… but I don’t know how to do it. But you.. and ponyboy and the Greasers, you guys thought me how to dot it. Turns out, I can’t do it by myself. When I read The Outsiders, it also made me realize that we are all outsiders, in one way or another.



To Rainbow




Your books ignites something inside of me that sometimes I can’t control it so I have to cry it out or write it off. Ever since I held a pen and a paper, I know that all I want to do in my life is write. Write about love, about the places I want to visit, about the characters I’ve been talking to for so long now. But I don’t think I should. I don’t think I can. But by reading Cath’s story… I realized WHY I should write. You have no idea how much you helped me in discovering myself. I am a disaster too, like Cath. And that’s okay! I’m not gonna stay like this forever. I have my passion. I have a reason to write. I’ll be fine. Thank you for that. Thank you for your words. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for making me believe that the kind of love that I want to experience is real (because you’ve written about it) Thank you for your characters. Just… thank you.


To Leila




Until now, Elise’s playlist is still what I listen to when everything seems so heavy for me. I found a friend in music because of you and Elise. Through TSWSYL, I found out that I HAVE to know who I am and be proud of it! Thank you for making me realize that I should be done with letting other people define me. They’re all wrong. For so long, I wanna have that braveness that other teens have. But I don’t know how.. I don’t know if I can. Turns out, its already inside of me. Thanks for waking that voice that is so scared to get out because of fear of rejection. I have a voice and I don’t care if they’ll listen or not, I will have let it out. Whether in music or in writing.



To Jodi Lynn





Everytime I see my copy of Tiger Lily, I cry. And I’m not even talking about single tear from my eyes kind of cry, I’m talking about full blown sobbing. And you know what? I’m grateful for that. Because it reminds me that I’m here. And that I FEEL. Tiger Lily is hard and guarded, that alone makes us so similar. Tiger Lily’s story is both sad and happy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want it, that I can’t accept that because its so unfair… but that’s life. Your words make me ache. And I just realized that I want that to happen to my future readers. I want them affected by my words. And yes, you make me realize how dangerous loving someone is. But you also taught me how worth it it is. How it can help you grow. Everything about Tiger Lily is beautiful. Thank you for writing it. Thank you for making me FEEL. Thank you for restoring my faith in literature.





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How about you, which author would you give thanks to? 🙂