The One with the Explanation for the Unplanned Hiatus + New Blog Design + INT Giveaway!!

Hello everyone! Oh wow. How I missed this. Talking to you guys! There’s so many things I want to blab about but first let me say, THANK YOU. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for not forgetting about me J Thank you for coming back. I was gone for almost three months, and let me tell you…. it was not fun. I did not do anything bookish. I missed some blog posts. I did not read a book! For THREE MONTHS.


If you know me waaaay back before, you’ll know that I’m a fast reader. I’m not joking. I inhale books! The lowest number of books I read in a month was 15 (according to our bff, goodreads) And in those (almost)  three months, I did not even pick up a book. I tried, but I cannot finish it and I lost interest easily.

…so where did Paula go?

I was busy. I was also in a slump. Busyness + slump = deathly combination.


Paula was… in the wilderness. Kidding! I was very much involved in a campaign called #ToSaveALife.


…wait. What? What is that? Is this relevant??

Well, I’ll tell you guys about it anyway. Together with my churchmates, we grouped ourselves and went into different schools, workplace and even neighborhoods to held a free film showing and the film is none other than, To Save A Life. Yep, it’s really a movie. Everyday, we went to different places and talked to different people. Long story short, Paula was super busy.

12219510_546398112180550_7399211734474086309_n(Kids like to #selfie)

3(I really hope they are listening)


5(I was a little busy with going out with friends and ushering too.)

I admit that ignoring my blogger duties and not reading a book at that time was super sad but thank God that I also love what I’m doing so I just busied myself with the campaign while hoping that I will come back to my other passion as well. I was so worried you guys. Along the way I even thought that maybe I shouldn’t come back at all. Delete my blog and just forget about everything. But my love for books (and talking about it) have won. I thought, it doesn’t really matter if I have to start from zero again. I’ll re-introduce myself I I have to. But I WILL COME BACK. I will blog again. I WILL NEVER STOP SHARING MY LOVE FOR BOOKS TO PEOPLE.


…okay. So you’re back. What now?

One advantage of stepping out for awhile was the fresh ideas. Yep. New ideas!!! I’m so excited to share it to you guys. But for now let me do some planning, emailing and lots and lots of reading 😀

…oh hey. Is that a new blog design?

YESSSSSS! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Isn’t is pretty? I just cannot stop smiling everytime I look at my blog. I love the new banner and especially the fonts. Claudia is amazing! If you guys are looking for someone to design your blog, I recommend her. You can tweet her here. She’s very nice and patient which I really admired. Thank you Claudia!

….hey uhmm. I thought there’s a giveaway?

WHAT? Where? I must have wrote that—kidding! Don’t worry, there will be. I’m just so thankful for my followers/readers, old and new,  for staying with me. You guys were also a part when I decided to come back. I figured there’ll be 1 or 2 person in the blogosphere that will miss me and my crazy reviews. So for those people, here’s me showing my gratefulness. A book of your choice from TBD. Open Internationally!


…so is this post will ever end?

Okay okay. That’s it. THANK YOU. AND HELLO AGAIN! I’m so excited for the upcoming year. Let’s make it as bookish as ever!



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