TITLE: The Future for Curious People
AUTHOR: Gregory Sherl
PUBLICATION: Published September 2nd 2014 by Algonquin Books
GENRE: A > Contemporary | Romance
PAGES: 336pages (Paperback)
SOURCE: e-arc from publisher (Netgalley)
RATING: 5 ★★★★★
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“Comic and exuberant…A fine and tender tale for anyone who has tried to let go of the past and envision the future while falling in love.” -Rhonda Riley, author of The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

Meet Evelyn and Godfrey. Evelyn is breaking up with her boyfriend, who’s passing out advertisements for his band on a snowy street corner in Baltimore. She’s seen their dismal future together at Dr. Chin’s office: she and her boyfriend, both many years older, singing Happy Birthday to a Chihuahua and arguing about cheese. She hopes for more. Meanwhile, Godfrey is proposing to his girlfriend, Madge, who’s not quite willing to take that leap; she wants to see their future together first–just to be sure they re meant for each other. The Future for Curious People follows Evelyn and Godfrey’s soon-to-be-entwined lives, set in motion by the fabulist premise of a world with envisionists like Dr. Chin. As the characters struggle with their pasts and possible futures, they wrestle with sorrow, love, death, and fate. This novel will capture you with its brightness, its hopefulness, its anxious twists and turns; it is a love story that is ultimately a statement about happiness and how to accept our fleeting existence.




 “What if there is this time bomb to love. What if it’s like you fall in love with so many people who just aren’t for you, and with each one, your heart toughens up, and you have to find the one who is right for you before your heart is completely calcified in your chest.”


Do you ever read a book and thought ‘THIS SHOULD BE A MOVIE’ or ‘WAIT, HAVE I WATCHED this before??’ This book totally gave me those feels.

First of all, The Future for Curious People.. is a mouthful. AND an original read for me. In this novel, people can peek in to their future! Yes I know it sounds exciting. They have this doctors called ENVISIONIST.

“The future no longer has to be messy. It can be tested out. It can be known

Personally, I don’t know what to feel about that idea. If this kind of doctors exist in our time, I would have to think through if I want to seek out my future. It’s exciting to know, but I also have this dreading feeling in the side (yes I really thought this through) Anyway, giving 5 stars in not a usual thing to do for me. It’s just that, if I’m gonna give a book a 5 star, I want it to be really deserving! That all the elements I want in a book should be present. And this book, folks, is a perfect example of it.

I was instantly hooked from the first chapter. I’m talking about forget-your-bladder-and-ignore-your-hunger kind of hook. Evelyn is a very fun heroine to read. I love being inside her head. She’s hilarious, smart and quirky and she collect quotes! Did I mention that she’s a librarian? Godfrey on the other hand is no different. I love this guy to bits! And my heart also breaks for him.. LISTEN. Sherl’s characters are phenomenal. They’re completely fleshed out and you will not help but be attached and just relate to them. I’m not just talking about the two main character, ALL OF THEM. Even the side characters here has their own story that’s why like I said in my a.k.a title, you will find bits of yourself here.

Now I won’t say anything about the plot, just know that I think it’s creative and absolutely brilliant! This idea of Sherl about peering into the future to find out if you and you’re partner are gonna end up happy.. is quite unique. And the way Godfrey and Evelyn’s story met and how their story got connected was a very fun and strange experience.  The romance aspect here is so darn adorable. You have no idea how much I was screaming internally for moooore.

Overall, The Future for Curious People is one of my most unforgettable read this year. It’s fun, a little sad, and strange. You want a book with quality? Here’s one for you!

This novel really made me think, If you have the chance to look into your future… would you peek?