TITLE: Call Me Grim 
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Holloway
PUBLICATION: Published September 9th 2014 by Month9Books, LLC
GENRE: YA > Fantasy | Paranormal
PAGES: 250pages (paperback)
SOURCE: e-arc via tour host
RATING:  4 ★★★★
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The truck should have turned Libbi Piper into a Libbi Pancake — and it would have, too, if Aaron hadn’t shown up and saved her life. The problem? Aaron’s the local Grim Reaper… and he only saved Libbi’s life because he needs someone to take over his job. Now, Libbi has two days to choose between dying like she was supposed to, or living a lonely life as Death Incarnate. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

And the choice goes from hard to sucktastic when her best friend shows up marked: condemned as a future murderer. Libbi could have an extra week to stop the murder and fix the mark… but only if she accepts Aaron’s job as Reaper, trapping herself in her crappy town forever, invisible and inaudible to everyone except the newly dead. But, if she refuses? Her best friend is headed straight for Hell.





I don’t think you understand how much I love this book.


Another grim reaper story you might say, but I’m gonna stop you right there. With fully developed characters and well thought out plot, Call Me Grim stands out!

First of all, you guys know I’m picky about heroines. They’re very important in a book and it sucks big time when you really want to like the book but the heroine keeps ruining it for you. Right? Am I the only one? So imagine my relief when I found myself liking Libby so much. She’s… real. Funny, smart, not flawless at all and practical. GUYS. This girl knows how to say ‘I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE YOU ARE YOU HAVE TO STOP STALKING ME!‘ Finally!


Aaron is not an exception, as a former reaper who entrusted Libby for the new position, he admits his shortcomings. He’s not perfect and he knows that. Though he’s hard to read sometimes, the reader (me) will also feel for him. I felt sorry for him because of his backstory and though the author provided that bit of Aaron’s side.. I want more. So expect me to line up first for the sequel. But I’m not talking about the two main characters only, all of them were great. No one was wasted and everyone was authentic. You’ll get this feeling like you’re really connected to them as well. The romance aspect is downright adorable and very much intense, I cannot wait for what’s gonna happen. HOW MUCH MORE DO I HAVE TO STRESS THAT OUT.

Which brings me to my next point, the author’s fantastic, simple yet very compelling way of writing. For me, it’s not about the use of deep or grand words. It’s about the construction. How everything makes sense and made me sail easily through out my reading experience. Holloway aced that. She’s manged to write a novel with dark premise with a touch of humor and sassiness. Yes, I AM BIG FAN.

Overall, Call Me Grim is humor, brilliance and a success altogether. Friendship, love and sacrifice, for a book that deals with death, the characters are alive and the book is nothing but vibrant!





Elizabeth Holloway



Elizabeth Holloway is a registered nurse living in Southern Pennsylvania with her two teen children, Bam-bam the dog, and Tinkerbell the cat. CALL ME GRIM is her first novel.





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