Why, hello there minions! Welcome to HBT’s 4th Monthly Rundown. Oh guys, October was pretty great for me. I wanna put all the reasons here on WHY it was good but I don’t wanna bore you. Maybe some other time? 😛 Now let’s see what this Monthly Rundown have for us:


  • Books I’ve read this October plus Reviews (well, of course)
  • My favorite reviews and posts around the Blogosphere
  • BOOKISH NEWS (HINT: stalking inferno)
  • as usual, this is not in a particular order


Guys, I’ve only read 16 books this past month. JUST 16! And some of them I DNF-ed. I don’t what I’ve been doing and why am I not reading.. I think I’m on a tad bit of reading slump. 🙁 HELP!!


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Warbreaker – 5  ★

A Murder of Magpies – 4 ★ – (review)

The Boogie Trapp – 3 ★ – (review)

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee – DNF


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Firebug – DNF – (review)

Blood Entwines – 3 ★ – (review)

Interview With a Hexboy – 3 ★

Two Faced (The Masks #2) – 4 ★ – (review)


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The Young Elites – 3  ★ – (review)

This Is Not A Test – 4 ★

Whatever Life Throws At You – 4 ★ – (review)

Following Zippy – DNF


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Finding Her Way Back – 3 ★ – (review)

The Lost Boys – 1 ★ – (review)

Trust Me, I’m Lying – 4 ★ – (review)

Lark Rising – DNF – (review)



Damsel Distressed – 4.5 ★ – (review)


 AS USUAL, the upcoming tours are already posted on this side. And I must say, THEY’RE ALL VERY EXCITING. —>


There’s a lot of awesome reviews this past month by Bloggers I adore and if I can put them all here, I will. But here’s some that really helped and pushed me to read a particular book and some reviews that saved me from wasting time.

First let me and Marianne (@mariannelee_092) of Boricuan Bookworms convince you to read Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, okay? I didn’t review this book but this review by Marianne pretty much summed up my feelings. This book will make you ugly cry and you’ll love it! And I’m gonna put this in here because I love this feature of theirs. Clothes and books, two things that I love but have no money for! Lola (@hitormissbooks) has reviewed one of the books that everybody read but me. I watched the movie though, does that count? Lola is also one of the may reviewers who reviewed Snow Like Ashes. She’s pretty much in the middle.

How was your Halloween btw? Aimee (@AimeeReadscelebrated it by hosting a GIVEAWAY and a reading challenge! Have you seen the awesome post? Anyway, the Darlings already did their Monthly digest because unlike me, they’re not lazy. No one is as lazy as me, I guess.

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT! Joy just celebrated her birthday this past month and she celebrated by hosting a giveaway. And guess who won? Thats right baby! IT’S ME. (i am lucky like that) and this is actually the IMPORTANT part. Joy is looking for a co-blogger! She’s awesome and very friendly, so if you’re interested, you can just tweet her! –> (@akoposijoy)

>> A post made of awesome by Val (@InnocentSmileyx) Too much love for this one

>> HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, Shannelle! (@dreamstains) This cutie pie is so awesomesauce! and welcome to the reads-it family!!


Let’s move on to some (depressing) BOOKISH NEWS!


I’m going to admit that I’m not much of a Fan Fic reader. And even though that’s the case, I have nothing against it. I really believe there are good ones out there. BUT. I think we have problems when a fan fiction GETS PUBLISHED (and it’s still bad after all the ‘editing’ and ‘revising’) then GETS A MOVIE DEAL.


And it’s all about ONE DIRECTION, the worlds hottest (ugh) teen group sensation. Oh, and did I mention that the genre is EROTICA? wow. who wants to read that? NO, SERIOUSLY.. WHO WANTS TO READ THAT? Apparently these people do!

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Listen, I’ve read the ebook from WATTPAD and it was (i’m sorry) bad.. so so bad. Its’ an abusive relationship and all the ‘happy moments’ are just them having sex or thinking of having sex. Now, WHERE DID I HEARD THAT BEFORE??!


There is something wrong with media, I tell you. And I don’t care what you say, I BLAME E.L JAMES on all of this.

I don’t wanna say anything anymore but I ‘ll leave you with this. This makes me sad. There’s a lot of books (ACTUAL LITERATURE) that needs to be seen and deserves the attention. This is a sad sad world we’re living in.

Look at how the main protagonist of AFTER is so original and awesome that the book needs a MOVIE.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”


More depressing news I’m afraid. The Book Blogging community was hit by a huge earthquake when this AUTHOR STATED THAT STALKING IS OKAY. Okay, she did not exactly said that.. so READ IT! Is it wrong….. or IS IT WRONG? 






There’s actually a good news this past month that *some* readers would be so happy about. GOOD NEWS SHADOWHUNTERS! I can hear the fangirls (and boys) screaming with joy. Because The Mortal Instruments (you know that movie where everyone is so freakin’ good-looking) will be back– but not as a sequel, BUT A TV SERIES! REJOICE REJOICE.

This might be a little awkward though because I’ve heard before that they were together.. then they broke up. Awwww (but honestly I don’t care) Anyaway, good for the TMI Fandom! Let’s see if they can turn this big screen disaster into television gold.


Whoops. No PAULA NEWS this time because as I said above, this monthly rundown will just be a quickie. I hope your October was good 🙂 any particular book or happening that you’re looking forward this November? Don’t hesitate to comment it or chat me up! Thank you for reading this monthly rundown. HELLO NOVEMBER!!