Bookish Thoughts #001: ‘take that book away from me. please and thank you.’


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Hey people! I don’t usually ask questions here on the blog because, well, tbh I’m too lazy to ask. But this question has been nagging me for weeks and I’m really curious about your answers. 


“What makes you back away from a Book?”


Let me tell you a story first.

Before I became a book maniac, I remember spending 2 days– yes, 2 days of just adding books on my Goodreads TBR. It just feels so good to press that ‘Want to Read’ button you know? Even though I know that my TBR will outlive me, I don’t care. I just kept adding and adding and I just based it on the cover. Who cares about what the book is about? NOT ME! and besides, my TBR is out of control already, IT CANNOT BE TAMED ANYMORE.


Then I started reading some of them and WOW. I discovered a lot of things about myself because of that, like, I can actually *throw* a book across my room because of frustration.. I can press my forehead so hard to my kindle screen because of annoyance.. I can rant for 3 hours just because of a JerkPid (Jerk+Stupid) characters… and I FRIGGIN HATE LOVE TRIANGLES! See, I didn’t know that. Because in movies and soap operas they seem cool, romantic and even though I always ended up rooting for the loser guy, I still enjoy watching them. 

But books are different. Love Triangles in books are different. I avoid them now like I avoid Justin Bieber’s face, voice and existence.

Now I know what you’re thinking.. WHAT IF YOU’RE MISSING OUT? 

Trust me, I’ve thought of that. But I also thought of all the books I’ve read just because of the hype and disappointed me. I’m still mourning all the time I wasted. Still mourning!

I’d like to think I’m a smart and a practical reader now. Though I still consider myself as a wide reader, I want to put limitations too. Like, if the blurb hinted a LOVE TRIANGLE, I’m going to back away.. slowly.. and happily. If the blurb screams typical NA, I tend to back away too. And I admit that sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, what I do is that I read reviews. 

Now I don’t know if I’m the only one who do this. Do you back away at some books too? What’s your reasons? Share your thoughts!! 

10 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts #001: ‘take that book away from me. please and thank you.’

  1. What makes me back away from a book? Mostly because of the Genre or the main topic. For example, I don’t like stories about fairies, mermaids, werewolves – especially if the focus is romance between these creatures and human.

    I don’t like books that focuses on contemporary romance either. Well, I might read them but I’m definitely sure that it won’t be in my “favorite” list. For example, I did try to read The Fault in our Stars and If I Stay just because I want to have a taste of different genre once in a while. But, it didn’t leave a big impact in my reading life.

    As for love triangles, I actually don’t mind them as long as it was developed properly and if it’s unpredictable. Most books I have read so far are pretty predictable when it comes with love triangle. You know that THAT guy will get the girl in the end. It was pretty obvious so, me as the reader, will just ship the winning guy. I don’t like being on losing end. Some of my favorite book with love triangle would be: Vampire Academy, Hirunaka No Ryuusei (this one is still fresh with me because the guy I’m rooting for didn’t get the girl!), Ignite Me, and Breathe.

    PS: I didn’t go to Marie Lu’s book signing.
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    1. Genre is also one of the reasons I back away from books. and I agree, Vampire Academy at doing Love Triangles! Also, I think you’d like The Infernal Devices. The Will-Tessa-Jem LT was well done and so good!

      Thanks, Irish.

      PS: That’s too bad! 🙁 Well, I’m sure there’s still a lot of authors we can meet. Together!! 😀

  2. YES I BACK AWAY FROM BOOKS PAULA! I DO! I mean sometimes I make a bad mistake, but then it turns out good for the review because I have more to talk about haha.

    To avoid those bad books, I try to read as MANY BOOK REVIEWS ON A BOOK AS POSSIBLE. And then I make my decision depending on what that person loved, and what I loved (or hated). So yep. It’s been working really well for me, because the books I didn’t like were the ones I chose on my own. But 4 out of 5 books bloggers have recommended to me have been really, really good 😀

    Awesome discussion topic PAULAAAA <3
    Valerie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #14 (Or How I Am Drowning in Piles and Piles of Work)My Profile

    1. Yes, REVIEWS! They’re really hopeful, though I tend to not judge a book by it’s goodreads review, if my trusted reviewers said No already, there’s a chance I might do the same.

      Thanks VAL 😀

  3. JerkPid, that’s just epic and referencing your hate for Justin Bieber as well. This may just be my favourite post… Ever.

    I tend to only review YA and the occasionally middle grade. I shy away from all NA now, they just end up all sounding the same, even Colleen Hoover’s NA titles. Love triangles don’t worry me as much as they should, I’ve seen a few where the synopsis hinted at one, and there wasn’t really a triangle at all, so I tend to ignore it. I struggle most with contemporaries I think, it feels like the gut wrenching and emotional storylines have all been overdone by now and they all bleed into one another. Just checked out your TBR, 669? Wow, that would be a HUGE amount for me, no wonder you’re so overwhelmed. Might be time for a little culling poppet <3
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    1. HAHA. I might use JerkPid for describing guys from NA now.

      I struggle with Contemporaries too. I just don’t like crying anymore. And yeah, I have to agree. Hoover is turning to one of those. 🙁 Its sad. She’s the only NA author I love.

      I’m *trying* to cut back, Kelly. I NEED HELP!!!

  4. This is such an interesting question, Paula, and a nice feature. I’m so proud of you! 😀

    I’m not very choosy but I back away from horror. I’m not a masochist so no, I will not read something that will scare the hell out of me and make me lose sleep. Books tend to make me imagine things and when it’s scary, I imagine even more terrifying things.

    I have no trouble with love triangles as long as, like Irish said, they’re properly developed. I didn’t have any problem with the love triangle in A Thousand Pieces of You but I almost threw away my phone because of the love triangle in the Summer trilogy.
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    1. YAY, thanks JOY! I’m proud of me too! HAHA.

      Oh me too! Well, I’m not much of a Horror reader as well, and not that I’m avoiding it.. but I haven’t found the book with that genre that I really want to read.

      Yep, me too. TID love triangle worked for me. It was done well!! <3 I haven't read the Summer trilogy... I'll back away from that. Hahaha! Than youu 🙂

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