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Hey people! I don’t usually ask questions here on the blog because, well, tbh I’m too lazy to ask. But this question has been nagging me for weeks and I’m really curious about your answers. 


“What makes you back away from a Book?”


Let me tell you a story first.

Before I became a book maniac, I remember spending 2 days– yes, 2 days of just adding books on my Goodreads TBR. It just feels so good to press that ‘Want to Read’ button you know? Even though I know that my TBR will outlive me, I don’t care. I just kept adding and adding and I just based it on the cover. Who cares about what the book is about? NOT ME! and besides, my TBR is out of control already, IT CANNOT BE TAMED ANYMORE.


Then I started reading some of them and WOW. I discovered a lot of things about myself because of that, like, I can actually *throw* a book across my room because of frustration.. I can press my forehead so hard to my kindle screen because of annoyance.. I can rant for 3 hours just because of a JerkPid (Jerk+Stupid) characters… and I FRIGGIN HATE LOVE TRIANGLES! See, I didn’t know that. Because in movies and soap operas they seem cool, romantic and even though I always ended up rooting for the loser guy, I still enjoy watching them. 

But books are different. Love Triangles in books are different. I avoid them now like I avoid Justin Bieber’s face, voice and existence.

Now I know what you’re thinking.. WHAT IF YOU’RE MISSING OUT? 

Trust me, I’ve thought of that. But I also thought of all the books I’ve read just because of the hype and disappointed me. I’m still mourning all the time I wasted. Still mourning!

I’d like to think I’m a smart and a practical reader now. Though I still consider myself as a wide reader, I want to put limitations too. Like, if the blurb hinted a LOVE TRIANGLE, I’m going to back away.. slowly.. and happily. If the blurb screams typical NA, I tend to back away too. And I admit that sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, what I do is that I read reviews. 

Now I don’t know if I’m the only one who do this. Do you back away at some books too? What’s your reasons? Share your thoughts!!