Hello lovelies! Welcome to HBT’s Monthly Rundown. This is another quickie version and I’m sad to inform you that it won’t include my usual Bookish news. Well, no worries since it’s replaced (just for now) with a very special and fun surprise invitation. READ ON! 😀


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The Last Changeling (Faerie Revolutions #1) – 3 ★ – (review)

Atlantia – 1 ★ – (review)

Love Like Crazy – 4 ★ –  (review)

Fall Like Rain – 3.5 ★ – (review)


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 2  1/2  ★ – (review)

Embers (The Wings of War #1) – 4 ★ – (review)

Henge (Le Fay #1) – 5 ★ – (review)

Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland – 3 ★

 20783291 22391588 22231876 20640755

Last Train to Babylon: A Novel – 4 ★ – (review)

Night Of Pan (The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy #1) – 3 ★ – (review)

The Fool (Virtual Arcana 0) – 3 ★ – (review)

The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy #1) – 4.5 ★ – (review)


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The Shadow Prince (Mortal Enchantment #1) – 3 ★

Dating Down – 4 ★ – (review)

The Union (The Union #1) – DNF

My Summer Roommate – 3.5 ★


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Hemlock Veils – 4.5 ★ – (review)

Bad Romeo (The Starcrossed Series #1) – 2 ★ – (review)

Mortal Enchantment (Mortal Enchantment #2) – 3.5 ★

The Magician (Virtual Arcana #1) – 2 ★ (review)


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The Stag Lord (Bannerman Boru #1) – 4 ★

If I Knew You Were Going to be this Beautiful.. – DNF – (review)

Love and Profanity – 2 ★ – (review)

The Next Breath – 4.5 ★ – (review)


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The Bell Jar – 3 ★ – (review)

The Night House – 4 ★


As always, you can peek at the Upcoming Blog tours righ in this side —-> Excerpts, reviews, interviews and a lot of giveaways! December will be fuuuun!



I AM SOOOO EXCITED for this announcement. More like INVITATION, actually.

This Monthly Rundown would not include Bookish News BUT! I have a different treat for everyone of you. I am cordially inviting you to a fun and swoony K-drama marathon. Me, Joy of The Bookshelf Intruder and Irish of Nocturnal Reader brewed something over Twitter when I tweeted something about these guys.

Have you met them? Know them?



After exchanging ideas over twitter, we decided to host a..




 [this is made by the wonderful and talented, Irish!!]


First in the (hopefully) many list to watch is: The 1st shop of Coffee Prince also known as Coffee Prince. I’ve followed this series when I was still in high school. You see, here in Philippines, K Dramas are a BIG HIT. It’s tagalized  of course and some (like me) will not let anyone interrupt them from watching it no matter what time of the day it is. K Dramas are practically a part of our life here in Philippines. There’s always a K-Drama that we are buzzing about! And there was a time when Coffee Prince is what we’re buzzing about. We just can’t get over the swoony moments!




“The drama is an unlikely romance between a tomboyish woman, who dresses like a man in order to get work, and a young food empire mogul…”

And of course.. The Characters are all wonderful and funny and AHHHHH, YOU’LL JUST LOVE THEM.

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Incredible actors and great acting. They literally have the whole package. And lastly.. do you like Romance that are cute but also full of sexiness and hotness WITH clothes ON? THIS IS IT YOU GUYS, THIS IS IT!


SO.. If you’re interested to join our Buddy Watch, all you have to do is LINK UP! The linky is below. We will watch four (4) episodes per week! And we will discuss it over Twitter with the hashtag —> #KDramaBuddyWatch

Link up below. It’s pretty easy. Go on!

After linking up, you just have to answer this very short survey so that we can all agree on our schedule. We don’t want this to be a burden to you. 🙂

See? Pretty easy! If you have any questions, anything at all! You can just tweet us! Here’s my twitter account: (@herbookthoughts) And here’s Irish’s (@InHerBlog) and of course, Joy’s (@akopoosijoy). Watch out also for additional information about this on their Blogs! I suck at this informing thing so you have to stalk them in their blogs HERE and HERE.

I hope you can all join us. The more, the merrier! And I assure you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW. I just know it.




November has been a busy month for me, blog-wise and in my mundane life. But I won’t lie to you, even though I am always exhausted by the end of the day.. it just made me love my life even more. Even this Blog. I never thought I’d be this attached! I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT


And besides, there’s so much to look forward to this DECEMBER! DECEMBER IS MY MONTH BABY.. December. is. my. month. First of all, I’ll be turning nineteen. 19! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? IDK! Which reminds me, I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COOK! Fictional MC’s might be saving the world at the age of 19 or gaining super powers and meeting up with some hot alien dude.. but here is me, taking lots of selfies.

Anyway, not only will I be celebrating my birthday this month, but I’m getting a bunch of co-bloggers too! Not really a bunch since there’s just 3 of them. Can’t wait for you guys to meet them, I will out them in the world this December 19 since they are my gifts to myself.. Mwahahahaha. they don’t have a choice, they can’t run away from me now.


So.. that’s all for this month’s recap. I hope November was good to you like it was to me. AND  I hope you’re all excited for the upcoming month. I mean, WOW!! 2015 IS COMING! Best of 2014 posts are coming.. and you know what, that reminds me to make my own too! So, good bye for now! 😀