I first read about E. Lockhart coming for a book signing event from a blog, I can’t remember the name though. I was so excited. We Were Liars was already in my to-be-bought list and when I heard about the event, We Were Liars got into the top 5 to-be-bought books. National Bookstore announced the event I think around February, after James Frey’s book signing.

I really wanted to go to James Frey’s book signing but because of some reasons, I wasn’t able to go. I asked someone I know to get the books signed so they were signed but it’s still different from meeting the author. I’d lie if I say I didn’t cry. James Frey is one of my favorite authors. He was so close yet I didn’t get to see him. Anyways, because of that, I decided to go to E. Lockhart’s book signing (I don’t know how that’s connected).

When I go to events like these, I want to know what it’s about. I don’t want to go to an event just because it’s “cool” or because some people I know will be there. So I wanted to read We Were Liars before the event so I could understand what they’ll talk about. Unfortunately, when I asked my brother to buy the book, it was sold out and he was already coming home so he can’t wait for the new stocks to arrive. I had no choice but to order from NBS online store. It wasn’t until after my order shipped that NBS in a way ‘announced’ that they had other E. Lockhart books and I really really wanted to buy and read them beforehand but you don’t always get what you want. I was able to read We Were Liars in a day and I’ll be posting my review about it soon πŸ˜‰

I live an island away from Cebu (where the event is taking place). It takes at least 3 hours to travel via fast craft from Leyte (where I live) and Cebu. We traveled via a barge to Cebu on the 20th the day before the event. We rode a barge or a big boat because my mom’s friend brought a car so we accompanied her. It took more or less 4 hours to get to Cebu. I was so exhausted when we got there.

This is the third book signing event that I’ve attended. It’s quite weird because the first book signing event I attended had three authors, the second had two authors and now, the third only has one author. Anyways, from past experience, it really depends on the popularity of the author on how many people go there early to register. The mall opens at ten and registration starts at ten and I got there.. I think around 10:20 or 10:30. I wanted to by the whole collection of the Ruby Oliver novels and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks but my mom only allowed me to buy two books from the Ruby Oliver novels and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. I bought the books before I registered. I knew that the Boyfriend List was the first book in the series but I wasn’t sure what the second book was so I asked the staff. They told me the second book was The Treasure Map of Boys and so I bought it along with the first book and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. After I registered, I opened to books to discover that the second book was The Boy Book. I was so disappointed because then my books wouldn’t be in sequence (OCD much). I became grateful of it tho.

After I registered, we went home to eat lunch. After lunch, we went to Cat Cafe, a small cafe that has 5 persian cats that are so fluffy and cute. Here’s a picture of one of the cats in the cafe

So photogenic XD

From past experience, even though they start that the event will start and 2pm, they usually start at three or quarter before three. One of my best friends, Lm, was also in Cebu so the night before I convinced her to go with me to the event because no one was accompanying me and I might get bored waiting for my turn. (I got the 80th btw) She was already in National Bookstore waiting for me. She called me and said that E. Lockhart was already there so we rushed to the mall and got stuck in the traffic longer than we estimated.

To say, I wasn’t able to hear the discussions/talk/idk what it’s called.

Credits to Lm!

Lm was there to hear it though and she told me about it. It was her first time attending events like these. She said E. Lockhart’s advice to new writers was to write what you want to write. Don’t mind what others say and love what you right or something like that. She was so inspired because of the talk.

Now, the main event!


As usual, I was so tongue tied went I got in front of her. I get so nervous even when I keep telling myself she’s also a human being. While she was signing We Were Liars she asked if I wanted to put a stamp on my wrist (thought I didn’t hear her very well) I just nodded and got stamped. As seen on the second pic. When I presented my wrist, to my horror, I saw my hideous allergies. I wanted to get my book stamped too but I was to tongue tied and shy. I wasn’t able to take a picture on the stamp on my wrist because when the excitement wore of, it became blots and was unreadable. If I’m not wrong, it said ‘Be kinder than you should be’ WE Were Liars .


When she signed the Ruby Oliver books she noticed that I have the first and third book and I had to explain why. She then asked the staff if I could change it because she wants that I’ll be able to read the books in sequence and they said I could so she gave me instructions to have the book changed, though I was sort of.. uhm.. dazzled I guess and I kept nodding even if only half of what she said sank in.


She wrote this to show the staff, I think. I still kept it though.
She told me that after I exchange the book, I could cut in line and she could sign it real quick. I just kept on nodding and when we took the picture….


I can’t even understand my head. It looks like my head is floating I don’t know or long neck.. so weird looking. I wish I tied my hair.

Anyways, after that Lm and I went to exchange the books, fangirling all the way and when we went back to get signed. The people in line were like “wth?” Before E. Lockhart signed the book, she said,”Honey right?” all I could do was nod. OHMYGAWD SHE REMEMBERED!!! For now. By the way, Honey is my nickname.


It was such a fun experience, I didn’t expect she’d really check the book and everything. It was an experience Lm and I would never forget.

<– This is Lm. She stood beside me while E.Lockhart was signing the books not just that, she stood beside me in everything.
Thank you so much ever so supportive Lm for accompanying me from line to exchanging books to the signing. I don’t know what I’d have done if you weren’t there :*Β Chick Flick moment haha.



11082575_345988232265314_5897621943893968465_nLook at my creepy grin while she was signing. It feels like I’m plotting murder or something. O_O —->

Also, Thanks to National Bookstore for bringing E. Lockhart.
And, thank you so much E. Lockhart for the kindness and for coming!








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