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You’d be lying if you tell me it didn’t hurt. I won’t believe you if you tell me it didn’t affect you even just a little bit. And I’d totally snort at your face if you tell me you didn’t get a bit defensive.

I can’t believe I’m even touching this topic. But I found myself really thinking about this stuff and I got curious about what you think of it either.

“What do you feel about one star reviewers? do you even feel anything about them? do you feel anything at all? are you a robot?”


One star reviews are everywhere. Can you actually give me a book that doesn’t have a 1 star review? or even just a 1 star rating. Even classics, which most of readers treat like an evidence for finding out if you’re a true reader or not (which by the way is a VERY STUPID THING TO DO) gets one star reviews. And they’re CLASSICS. The authors are, like, dead. And they’re, you know, like, FAMOUSSSS.

I remember seeing and reading a one star review of Pride and Prejudice. My first reaction was disbelief. 


Uhmm, excuse youu. It’s freakin PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. How can you hate it? How can you not like it?! Have you met Mr. Darcy? Are you aware that this is the first lovable jerk who by the way is just a misunderstood creature? He is afraid of dancing because he’s kinda awkward and his default face screams ‘I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE’


I mean, hello?! Girls fall for this kind of guy. (this actually worries me)

I considered leaving a long and meaningful comment because I really want to give him a piece of my mind! I’m pissed and it just doesn’t feel right that a book I loved is hated by someone. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!


But before I get to post my comment, I realized how stupid that would be. Isn’t that HER review? (there, the P&P hater is a girl) and anyway, isn’t that HER opinion of the book?? That is what SHE thought of the book. Then I considered myself on her position. What if it’s a book that she loves and I hated? What then would I feel if SHE gives me a piece of her mind.

You know, it’s so funny how other reviewers spent their time commenting on other reviewers reviews and defending the book that they loved that others didn’t. They have so much time on their hands, I’m actually jealous. If you’re one of those people… I just wanna tell you this: YOU’RE NOT GONNA CHANGE MY MIND. I’m happy to hear your opinion and I’m sorry if we didn’t like the same book. BUT THAT IS LIFE. Don’t shove your long defensive comment on my face: there’s a big fan chance it’ll be ignored. You have some questions about my review: OKAY, let’s talk about it like normal people, we’re not on an episode of Law & Order. 

And okay, let’s admit it, one star reviews gets more attention than five star reviews. And you know what, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Because the good news is, IT’S STILL UP TO YOU. Reviewers are meant to be guide for readers, not to be dictators. You have your own mind you know (are you aware of that?) and you still get a say. 

I genuinely salute reviewers who can give 1 star reviews and write their reviews with all honesty. They are not EVIL. Evil is such a strong word, let’s call them SNARKY. Because even though they know that people gets crazy sometimes, they still have that braveness to post their reviews. They do not like it, they say it. No sugar coating. No dilly dallying. And admit it, most of them are hilarious. If you’re one of those people who can’t help but feel like being a mama bear who turns all protective when they see a one star review of a book they loved, I suggest to toughen up a little bit. Not every book you like, whether it’s a NYT bestseller or an Indie book, will be liked by others. And because of that, one star reviewers are here to stay.



Don’t you just love bloggers who respect other blogger’s opinions? Like, ‘she didn’t like it. that makes me sad but hey that just the way it is’ Let’s aim for that attitude! Respecting and celebrating other bloggers makes the blogosphere more fun and honestly, nobody likes drama. Except maybe my grandma, she LIVE for those. 

So here’s where I ask your two cents..

What do you feel about (us) one star reviewers? Do you have voodoo dolls of us and wants us to be punished? Do you admire them as well? Are you going to throw rocks at me? Did this post even made sense to you? How do you keep your hair that shiny? Hmm? I WANNA HEAR IT!