Where the Staircase Ends
Stacy Stokes
Expected publication: April 14th 2015 by Month9Books
245pages (ebook)
YA > Fantasy | Paranormal | Contemporary
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3 ★★★

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After her best friend orchestrates the lie that destroys her reputation, Taylor wants more than anything to disappear from her life. But when an accident turns this unspoken wish into reality, instead of an angel-filled afterlife, Taylor must climb a seemingly endless staircase into the sky.
Instead of going up, the journey plunges her into the past. As she unravels the mystery behind her friend’s betrayal, she must face the truth about life and find the strength to forgive the unforgivable — unless the staircase breaks her first.
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“In its place stood a giant stone staircase, clawing upward so the sky split into an endless stack of right angles. I couldn’t see where it ended. It just went on and on, up and up, until my neck couldn’t bend any farther and I lost sight of its climb”


I went to reading this book without even knowing what’s it about. So for you who doesn’t read blurbs like me because you’re wonderfully weird that way.. I’ll tell you what the book is about. Is it about family? Yes. About friendship? Absolutely YES. About love? Yes yes yes. In short, Where the Staircase Ends is a little bit of everything.

WTSE is one of the most character driven book I’ve ever read. It focuses on Taylor. She’s hurting and just like everyone that has been on her position, she just wants it to stop. Or maybe to disappear for awhile. And she got it. But instead of angels or big fluffy clouds, what’s waiting for her is a never ending staircase. And because the end point cannot be seen, Taylor doesn’t have any choice but to go forward and climb it. One small twist, she can’t look behind.

Its stunning how the book was constructed. The idea behind the story is just brilliant and Stacey Stokes just executed it beautifully. Though Taylor and me didn’t get on a smooth start, I slowly felt for her and when everything that made her who she is was shown, I understood. Bits of Taylor’s life was so relatable for me and you’ll be surprised that some parts of her life would be the same with you too. This is why I’m so impressed with this story, there’s something for everybody.

I also want to give Stacy a hug for making Taylor and Sunny’s relationship as bestfriend so realistic. In my opinion, this is where the book was truly focused. Through their relationship, we saw how Taylor changed. Through the flashbacks, we saw how they became best friends in the first place and how they drifted apart.. And how everything has a reason and why it needs to happen.

Though the romance wasnt a main focus, for me, I’m gonna comment about that too. The truth is, I don’t know what to feel about it. Its clear who I should root for (who should every readers should root for) but I kinda understood the other guy too and I can’t help but feel for him!! This is really not a love triangle, but there IS another guy. What I feel towards is not really clear yet but I’m at peace by how everything ended so I guess I liked it.

Where the Staircase Ends is truly an unforgettable experience. It made me think if I had my own staircase, where would it end? And I love how this book has a message for everybody. Stacey Stokes gained a new fan and obviously that’s me. And because I like you guys that I’m recommending it.






Stacy Stokes

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Stacy Stokes attended the University of Texas at Austin and The Wharton School of Business.  She grew up in Dallas, TX, and currently lives in San Francisco with her husband.  WHERE THE STAIRCASE ENDS is her first novel.








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