Summer Of The Oak Moon
Laura Templeton
Expected publication: May 5th 2015 by Month9Books
YA > Contemporary | Romance
300 pages (paperback)
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4 ★★★★

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Rejected by the exclusive women’s college she has her heart set on, Tess Seibert dreads the hot, aimless summer ahead. But when a chance encounter with a snake introduces her to Jacob Lane, a black college student home on his summer break, a relationship blooms that challenges the prejudices of her small, north Florida town.
When Jacob confesses that Tess’s uncle is trying to steal his family’s land, Tess comes face to face with the hatred that simmers just below the surface of the bay and marshes she’s loved since birth. With the help of her mentor Lulu, an herbal healer, Tess pieces together clues to the mysterious disappearance of Jacob’s father twenty-two years earlier and uncovers family secrets that shatter her connection to the land she loves.
Tess and Jacob’s bond puts them both in peril, and discontent eventually erupts into violence. Tess is forced to make a decision. Can she right old wrongs and salvage their love? Or will prejudice and hatred kill any chance she and Jacob might have had?
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 Welcome to my stop for the Summer of the Oakmoon tour. This book is so refreshing! It really surprised me. I’m here to convince you guys to give this book a go. I hope my review can achieve that. Happy reading!!





“A black guy going to dinner with a lily-white girl like me was bound to raise eyebrows in Port Saint Clare, where civil rights laws were all well and good for city folks, but blacks dated blacks and whites dated whites and exceptions weren’t tolerated”

You know that feeling when you started reading a book and you didn’t expect anything so it surprised you big time? Summer of the Oakmoon surprised me with its emotional depth. From the first chapter, I was already invested in. Tessa is a delightful heroine. I thought that the book being set in 1982 would be a problem but instead, it made the book more readable. The time and setting of the book is perfect with the story and it was a big part of the plot… it was believable and everything is perfectly in place.

Laura Templeton writes such authentic characters. She made me fall hard with Tessa and Jacob in a heartbeat. At first, Tessa is what you expected. She’s scared and confused. Dating a black guy is not something you would normally do in their town. Unless you want people raising their eyebrows when they see you or you want to be talked about in such a bad way. But good thing Jacob is brave enough for both of them. Racism was at large at their time and place. I was hurting for Jacob. But also admiring him.

The romance in this book belongs now in the list of my ALL TIME FAVORITES list.


“..he ever so gently tipped my face up to his. “Now, I’m going to kiss you. Then, I’m going to tell you that I love you.” His voice dropped to a husky whisper. “And that’s all that needs to be said.”

I was in a emotional rollercoaster and its the first time I’m not complaining. These two went through A LOT and from the moment they saw each other, I’m already rooting for them. I will seriously fight for these amazing characters to be together. Insta love was a no show so that makes me love this book more. Its amazing how Templeton weaved a simple and beautiful love story that will leave a huge impact to your heart.

Laura Templeton grabbed my heart, squeezed and twisted it and then repaired it again. This time, its filled with love and hope. Tessa and Jacob’s story is so far from easy. You’ll get painful family secrets along the way, disagreeable characters that gets in Jacob and Tessa’s way… but all of that will be worth it. With a dash of magic and a lot of love, Summer of the Oakmoon is perfect for readers who is looking for a deep and hopeful novel.






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Laura Templeton lives near Athens, Georgia, with her husband, son, and a menagerie of animals. When she’s not writing, she enjoys gardening, learning to figure skate, and taking long walks on the quiet country roads near her home. Something Yellow is her debut novel, and her creative nonfiction has appeared in various publications..







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