Bookish Thoughts #007: ‘they see me DNFin’, they hatin”

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Maybe not everyone is doing it, but I do. Some people think its wrong. But I don’t. How about you though? What are your thoughts about it?

I’ve been DNF-ing books since the dawn of time. There are books that I still want to pick up again but there were books that made me jump for joy while screaming, ‘I AM FREE!’ This post doesn’t encourage readers to DNF every books. I’m writing this because I want to tell you that it’s alright. And that its not a crime. And that it happens. As a book blogger, we can all agree that our time is important. There’s so many books to read!!!! Are you really gonna waste it on a book that isn’t for you?

But maybe some of you are curious.



Well, my reasons are here. Maybe some of you will agree with me. And maybe some of you won’t. One thing is for sure, if I don’t have time for books that isn’t for me, I don’t have time for people who brings negativity in my life either. This is pretty much my mantra:



Why do Paula DNF? Well, here’s why!


 It’s so sad my tears have permanently damaged my vision.



I don’t have the happiest life on earth. I’m not saying I’m unhappy or miserable but the truth is, the reason I read is because once in a while I want to escape from the sad realities of life. Imagine reading a book and the main character has the same problem you’re trying to not remember. NO THANKS I don’t want the urge to kill myself.


Every time I start reading it, I have the urge to turn on the television set.



Boredom is definitely my number one reason. There’s a lot of reasons to be bored when reading a book. It can be because of a mediocre writing, a bland character, a snoozefest romance or because of a… a… I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE I’M TOO BORED TO CONTINUE. Its just this, when its not working out anymore… you leave it and move on. Its better for you.. and the book (but this can also be applied in your, say, love life)


The plot makes no sense

When midway through and the book will make me think, “IS IT DYSTOPIAN OR ROMANCE OR A BIOGRAPHY?”


THAT is a great enough reason for me to DNF. We have to face reality! Some book covers and blurbs can fool us.


When main character has annoying, creepy, disgusting, unbelievably inhumane characteristics.



This doesn’t happen a lot. But once in a while I encounter a book with great premise and absolutely stunning writing but the characters are so so making me hate them. YOU KNOW THOSE CHARACTERS THAT YOU FEEL LIKE THEY WERE WRITTEN TO BE HATED BY EVERY READER? I kid you not, a book actually exist where every characters are, like, competing who gets to be hated the most.

And btw, characters licking their lips a million times like its their source of energy counts as annoying, creepy, disgusting, unbelievably inhumane characteristic. For me.


You can feel your IQ drop with each passing sentence.



There are books that inspires you and some books that will completely make you change how you see the world so it just makes sense that books like this also exist. I’m not the smartest human in the world. So I want to take care of the not-so-few-not-so-many braincells that I have


There’s so much awkward/petty fighting, you feel like you’re watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.



Oh man, DRAMAAAAA. Those characters who keep doing complications in their life and then cry about it? I cannot even. Committing mistakes is fine, nobody is perfect after all. But committing mistakes over and over again like you’re not aware of the consequences and then asks WHYYYYYY. Guuurrrrl, you have a problem.



I’m pretty sure there’s still a lot of reasons why readers DNF. But this is mine. I wanna hear about yours!

How about you guys? Do you DNF? Do you think its wrong? Why? Are you secretly hating me right now? Why again? Share your thoughts!


27 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts #007: ‘they see me DNFin’, they hatin”

  1. It is not a crime. There are too many good books and too little time to waste on something that is not for you. I DNFed (not too long ago). It was a book from an author I love, but all the characters were negative and mad and sad. I just was not in the headspace for it. I gave it 30%, and gave up. Maybe I will pick it up again. =\

  2. I totally get you luv! I DNF. A lot. I am a mood reader, and when I am not interested in a book, I DNF, whether it’s because of my own mood or because the story is as bland as pudding. Either way, there are chances that I might take it up again, but if I don’t feel the urge to read a previously DNF-ed book, then I just totally give up.
    I have so many more books in my TBR and so little time for me to worry about not-so-interesting novels.
    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales recently posted…Blogging has changed me a lot as a personMy Profile

  3. As a book blogger, I think it makes sense for us to hate DNF-ing books but there certain things that make me immediately want to DNF books. Your reasons are pretty much the same reasons I always DNF books.
    Lily recently posted…You (You #1): ReviewMy Profile

  4. I can relate to all these reasons, Paula! I DNF usually whenever I feel the urge to kill the main character or I’m so bored I would rather knit some stockings for my nonexistent child than continue reading.

    I think blogging has made me stop DNF-ing often though, especially if it’s a really hyped up book. I guess there’s an unseen, unwritten pressure/need to complete the book before reviewing it but really, there isn’t and we should all be unafraid of posting DNF Reviews.
    Ju @ Fictional Skylines recently posted…Review: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky AlbertalliMy Profile

  5. I’m trying not to DNF book because I’m always wonering if the book will get better and well in the end it’s not the case but I’m sure of it lol. If not, it’s jsut that I don’t understand or I really don’t care. I have one from time to time.

  6. If I make it more than a 1/3 through the book, I feel obliged to myself to finish it cos I’ve already invested so much time. This is why it takes me ages whenever I decide what to read next, books are serious commitment, yo!

    But life is too short for shitty books, so I don’t see any issues with DNF’ing either 🙂
    aentee recently posted…Book Review: Red QueenMy Profile

  7. Ha! Every time you start reading and want to turn on the television is a perfect gauge of reasoning. I have experienced that too many times.
    I also dread the repetitive mistake maker, which is pretty much a stupid girl, and I loath all of them.
    Also, I have a hard time getting over the highly emotional character, even if there emotional state is justifiable. It is a rarity that I can sympathize with a fictional character who is grieving over anything. I am mean like that when it comes to fiction. I am a lot more sympathetic in real life, I promise.
    I do like a book that can make me bawl my eyes out though. It makes me feel alive. Great discussion post.
    Suzi Q, The Book Dame recently posted…Kindle Kandy No. 7My Profile

  8. I understand how you feel about these books. For me, as much as possible I don’t want to DNF a book especially when I purchased it – in hardbound! Hardbound are expensive and I don’t want my money to get wasted by not reading the book at all. I have to suck it up regardless if it’s awful and killing my brain cells.

    When I found a book that I don’t think I can finish, I put it on-hold until I get the chance to read it again. Maybe by that time (I hope!), I will like how the story goes. It happens to me before though. A few years ago, I hated a book then I read it last year again and I found it was an amazing story. It just that the genre was not my favourite the first time I read it. So after that experience, I decided to give the books another chance. If for the second time, I still didn’t like how the story goes, then that’s the only time I said enough – DNF it is.
    Irish recently posted…Life Lately #1My Profile

    1. I feel the same way with the Hardbounds!! Especially if the cover is so pretty! But I remember it happened one time 🙁 It was so sad. Maybe I’ll try putting it on hold too. I really have a plan to pick up all the books I DNF’ed 😀

  9. I don’t ever like DNF-ing when it’s a book I bought. I paid for it, I’m getting the most that I can out of it. With eARCs though, I happily DNF whenever I please, which happens rarely. If I hate the writing style, or I’m still not getting into the book, then I just DNF it, and it’s no loss on my part.
    Shannelle recently posted…Oh Hi, JulyMy Profile

  10. Haha! I love this. Also, this is the truth. I know so many people who are casual readers that toil away trying to finish books. If a book doesn’t hook me pretty quickly, I’m done. There are THOUSANDS of books that I want to read, and more are published every week. That means I’m not wasting my time on a book I can’t get into or don’t like. I’m with you, girl.
    Laura recently posted…Mini-Reviews 2015, Round 1My Profile

  11. You have some pretty fair reasons for DNFing here! I do DNF reviews sometimes, and every time I post one I get at least one person telling me that I shouldn’t DNF a book, or should not have started it if I knew I wouldn’t like it. But how can I know I am not going to like a book before I try it? That doesn’t make any sense >.>

    Boredom is usually my key reason for DNFing 😀
    Olivia Roach recently posted…Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Review)My Profile

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