Burnt Edges
Dana Leipold
Published May 21st 2015 by Gravity (first published October 21st 2014)
YA > Contemporary |
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3 ★★★ 1/2

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Familiar abuse or an uncertain future? Which would you choose?
This is Laurel Lee Page’s dilemma when she is faced with an unplanned pregnancy at nineteen. Born into a broken family, guilt and shame are all she has ever known. No matter what she does or whom she meets, Laurel appears to be living a condemned life. However, she is determined to find independence and freedom in spite of her family’s legacy of hatred and self-contempt.
Set in Southern California during the tumultuous 1960’s, Burnt Edges is a contemporary novel based on true events that prove strength can emerge in the most horrific of circumstances.
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“I wish life were easier, Laurel Lee,” he said. “But God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. He’ll put us through the fire a few times, so we get a little burnt around the edges, but all in all, we come out fine.”

I was speechless and pretty much bawling my eyes out after reading Burnt Edges. And it just intensified when I read the authors note and found out that what I just read was based on true events. There’s something so touching and emotional when you find out that what you just read all happened in real life. Although half of this book was heartbreaking and I would not wish it to happen to anyone ever, it awes me that someone, a true person, experienced all of this and survived!

Burnt Edges is set in the 1960’s and the author really did a great job in transporting the readers into where Laurel is. What I really admire about this novel is how vivid everything is. To be honest, I did have a hard time reading this book so much. Although the rapes aren’t too graphic, its still heartbreaking. I was angry, full of tears and I just want to close the book. But no, if the author has the strength to write this book, then I should be brave enough to read it.

Burnt Edges will shock you, play with your emotions and will open your eyes. Its brave and provocative and absolutely a must read. Laurel Lee’s story is heartbreaking, very emotional and authentic. You will be awed by her strength, by her power to push through, and her braveness to love again. Praise for Dana Leipold!




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Dana Leipold is a freelance writer, author, and member of the Association of Independent Authors and Creativity Coaching Association. Her debut novel, Burnt Edges, depicts the unwavering resilience of a young woman in the face of family violence and abuse. She has self-published two other books: a collection of limericks in Dr. Seuss-style for adults entitled, Stupid Poetry: The Ultimate Collection of Sublime and Ridiculous Poems, and a non-fiction book entitled, The Power of Writing Well: Write Well. Change the World. Leipold lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.










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