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Being a Book Blogger is fun, right? Who agrees with me?Β And as a newbie blogger, I want some goals that can help me get through every post. I think it’s great that while you’re having fun, you’re also accomplishing some things. Β So, I decided to have a Bucket List. A Bookish Bucketlist to be exact. I already have one actually, way before I moved here in WordPress. But I only have it on paper and I decided to share it also here, on my blog. And to you guys as well! πŸ™‚ So here it is.. MY BOOKISH BUCKET LIST.

(As I accomplish a goal, I will of course cross it out here and maybe write a note or a post about it. So in other words: This will always be updated)


  1. Reach a follower milestone. (500, 1000, 1500, 2000…)
  2. Be someones Co-Blogger. (I blog at Cristina’s Book Reviews as well!! And it’s funnnnn)
  3. Reach 1000 followers over on Twitter. Tweet tweet! (500, 1000, 1500, 2000..)
  4. Attend a Book Signing event. (Can you believe this?! It’s just sad. So sad. I’m actually ashamed right now.)
  5. Do at least 3 Guest Posts! (If possible, in 3 different Blogs)
  6. Meet a fellow BookBlogger. (Hello there my kababayan! When’s our meet-up? :D)
  7. Host a Read-Along. (I will. Mark my words, I WILL.)
  8. For a whole month: ONLY READ A SERIES. NO STANDALONE. (HA. Probably when I’m 45 or 60)
  9. Finish the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia. (Now this is just pathetic, I think. I’m probably the only one.)
  10. Start a BookClub (I’m still thinking a name for it. I suck at names)
  11. Lead a street team for an Author. (I love A LOT of authors to the point that it’s creepy. So I’ll probably choose an author who won’t be creeped out by me)
  12. Own at least 100 signed books (I currently have 3! OMG guys, it’s so close)
  13. Reach my 500th post!!
  14. Have a blog banner (hahahahaha huhuhu)
  15. Finish a reading challenge (any kind, without cheating!)
  16. Have a literary tattoo. (A quote maybe or a whole book passage. :P)
  17. Be quoted in a Book Blurb (I’d buy all the copies of the book when this happens!)
  18. Have my own library (if only I could meet a cursed prince and give him a kiss!!!)
  19. Reach 1000 friends on goodreads!
  20. Attend BEA (I want all those ARCs! MWAHAHAHA)
  21. Meet authors! (Anyone that I stalk.)

This ain’t done, I know that for sure. But this are the Β things that is on top of my head. Anyway, as I said above, this will always be updated so I hope you’ll come back again and celebrate with me.

I’m curious about yours, anything from your Bucket List that you want to share?