Bookish Thoughts #008: Do Bookish Lovers Miss Out IRL?

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This post was inspired by Between Us and The Moon by Rebecca Maizel. To read my review of the book go here.

I’m a bookish person. And I fucking hate the outdoors.

There. I said it. I can go days without seeing the sun and I’m lazy, so I prefer the indoor. Of course I don’t want to be a couch potato (of the bookish kind, not TV) and my parents are freaky about being healthy (ugh!) and so, to keep the parental unit happy, I’ve been doing yoga for some time now. And, I like it. I like having my yoga class friends and my yoga instructor whom I love but who is also a pain in my ass (and my thighs, and my arms and my legs and whatever I’m working on that day).

But here’s what’s been troubling me.

Apart from my daily yoga, regular outings with friends and attending Mass on Sundays, I’m a homebody. Like most of us book lovers, I prefer the company of a good book and a hot drink. Coffee, in my case, but you get the idea. And I’m okay with this, I really am. But I often find myself wondering if I’m missing out on what’s happening outside—in the real world.

I’m not a party person and I’m not a person who likes to drink or smoke or dance and I avoid romantic contact like the bubonic plague. I’m not a loner by any means, but I do enjoy the solitude in my room. It’s the type of person I am.

Again, am I missing out on stuff that happens outside of my current read? Am I missing out on key teenage experiences, ones that I’ll never get back if I stay cooped up at home with a book?

We book people have a tendency to enter a zone wile we’re reading. We don’t want to move, we don’t want to be interrupted, but most importantly, we don’t want to stop. But is all our time inside—that we know is amazing because the book in our hands is fantastic—robbing us of experiencing the world?

How on earth can I judge whether characters make right or wrong decisions in certain situations, if I’ve never seen that situation? Why? I’m home, reading. How will I ever put into practice everything I’ve ever learnt from books if I never get out of my library and make my own mistakes?

At the end of the day, I think what matters most is what helps you sleep easy at the end of the day. Think you’ve spent too long a day inside? Get out. Get a new hobby. Don’t stop reading—NEVER do that—but take up swimming, or dancing, or underwater basket weaving.

Think you’ve weaved too many baskets with the sharks? Read something relaxing.

What makes you happy at the end of the day is the most important thing.


What are your thoughts? Are you an outdoorsy person? Are you an homebody, like me, and worry about missing out on real world experiences too? Speak and you shall be heard!



15 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts #008: Do Bookish Lovers Miss Out IRL?

  1. When I was a teen, I did always used to feel like I missed out on things. Therefore, at one point or another I set out to experience them. Turns out, most of that is just not for me (mostly the drinking and the partying).
    Since then, I’ve not cared too much anymore about what I might be missing out on; there’s no way to like everything.
    Myrthe recently posted…On my bookshelf #4My Profile

  2. THIS. POST. OH THIS POST. I loved it! wanna know why? Like legit every time I wake up in the morning, I berate myself because, like you, I’m a homebody. And I do tend to feel bad about it because…I’m missing out in A LOT. but hey, if we’re comfortable with it, why not? Awesome post girl! I can deff relate WITH ALL.

  3. LOVE this post! I’ve been having these same exact struggles for the past few years, and while I’m much happier since I have more friends, they’re still online. I can’t call them up and go see a movie any time I want, because they’re halfway across the world sometimes!

    I’m not sure if this is exactly what you were suggesting, but I’m actually going back to grad school, so that means I’ll HAVE to meet new people and work with them. Hopefully I’ll get into a study group and be able to meet them outside of classes as well 😉
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab | Can I have the sequel now?My Profile

      I’m not sure what exactly we should be doing (if we love the indoors, we just do, there’s nothing to be done about it) but I meant the part about needing to experience the world. And as for your internet friends? We’ll be here always 🙂 I think study groups are a great way of making friends 😀
      Rhea recently posted…ARC REVIEW: Emmy & Oliver by Robin BenwayMy Profile

  4. This is a FANTASTIC post!

    I definitely used to wonder this when I was in high school. I spent all my time reading and playing video games. I didn’t go to a single party. I didn’t have any friends to just hang out with because everyone at my high school was the partying type.

    But you know what? I hate partying. I hate dancing. Hate, hate, hate.

    So in that sense, I don’t feel like I missed out. The only thing I do feel like I missed out on was having one of those epic best friends you read about in books sometimes.

    I didn’t click with anyone in high school or college. I couldn’t find a single person who was on the same page as me. So I never had one of those awesome best friends who was always there for you and you did everything with. I had one in middle school, but then we all went separate ways in high school and beyond. THAT’S the only thing I feel like I’ve missed.

    But screw partying, shopping, and whatever else it is people do. That stuff isn’t me.
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    1. THIS is what I’m talking about. That stuff isn’t us. We love the indoors, goddammit! I have a best friend, THE best friend I’ve ever had, but she isn’t a reader. And I think that’s what keeps me in balance. There are some socials that she drags me to, but believe you me, even she can’t pull me away from my room when the mind has been made 😀

      A reader has gotta read, y’all.
      Rhea recently posted…ARC REVIEW: Emmy & Oliver by Robin BenwayMy Profile

  5. This this is quite different for me as I am quite an interactive person in real life. I love talking to others and people think I’m quite flirty even though I am just being nice. Being indoors in nice but when you live with 3 other siblings I can never get any peace and quiet. Especially if you are the youngest, anything you do you get annoyed and poked at so I prefer to escape to the park but I am quite a lazy person. Sometimes it is just me, netflix and a bag of crisps! Loved this post :))
    Naomi @The Perks Of Being A Bookworm recently posted…It’s Not Summer Without You-A Book Review||❤My Profile

    1. Thanks so much, Naomi 🙂 This is…wonderful. YOU are wonderful. And I can completely understand about the sibling situation. My younger sister prefers spending a lot of her time outside too! And laziness? Good thing I’m very, very lazy too, we can give each other pointers 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Rhea recently posted…ARC REVIEW: Emmy & Oliver by Robin BenwayMy Profile

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