Welcome everyone to Her Book Thoughts’ Monthly recap. In which I look back and summarized what happened on the blog this past Month. See past posts here.

Can you believe it!!? I actually posted a MONTHLY RUNDOWN. I feel like crying! The last time I did a HBTMR is last year (I checked) and I honestly don’t remember anymore why I suddenly stop doing it but here’s making up for it. Yep, this might be a long one! Here’s what I have for you this issue:

  •  Reviews!
  • JUNE bookish news!
  •  Blog news!
  •  Paula news!
  •  not in a particular order.

The amount of books I read this June is making me cry. And not happy tears. According to my bff, GR, I only read 16 books.16! Lowest so far. Anyway, here they are, all are linked to my review. I also posted here the books that Rhea posted! Check it out if you missed them.






The July book tours are all on the side bar now. Are you looking forward to a particular tour? They’re all exciting!!!

Let’s move on to Bookish News. June has been full of buzz. From book to movie news to latest releases, JUNE WAS C-R-A-Z-Y. Some of these news, you might already know. But maybe you missed some of them too. And this is where I enter. What books are hitting the big screen? A latest release that we should be ALL excited about? How about cover reveals to drool over? I HAVE IT ALL FOR YOU!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Queen has spoken.

Harry Potter series may have ended long ago, but potterheads will forever be waiting for whatever news that our beloved queen will reveal. And she never fails in making us happy.

On June 26th, Jo announced on Twitter that there’ll be a new play in Harry’s world titled ‘Cursed Child’

Now let’s all take a moment and let that sink in. I mean, if this isn’t the perfect reason to move to London, I don’t know what is! You can read more of this news in here.

And because our queen is a giving fairy godmother, she also gave us a little bit of a Dursley backstory.

Have you ever wondered why they’re so mean towards Harry? I always thought thst it was just because they’re designed that way butNOOOOO. There’s an explanation for that! For more of this, read here




Up until now, I still can’t believe that this is all happening. But it is! The cast is starting to come all together. And I must say that they’re looking fantastic (get it??)

Eddie Redmayne is already confirmed (YES!) to play the role of Newt Scamander, a magizoologist who travels to New York City to find and document magical creatures.640_eddie_redmayne_45866033

And now Ezra Miller is already in early negotiations for the role of Jacob, the secondary male lead opposite Eddie Redmayne. 4159714-4715269047-600fuI’m not sure, but I remember that Jacob is the villain in this story. Ezra is not yet confirmed in playing the part, but I’m rooting for him!

Don’t forget that Katherine Waterston is also confirmed to the role of an American witch named Porpentina! downloadKate Upton, Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan are also eyed to be part of the film as one of the secondary characters alongside Katherine. Check out this link for more.




Well, this one isn’t that surprising anymore. Author John Green just announced on Twitter that LOOKING FOR ALASKA has found its director. So yes, its really happening!! I knew from the start that we will have JG collectibles.

Salute to you Mr. Jg. Don’t even think that I’m not watching you slowly taking over the world!!!!!!


The only drama that works for me.

Uh, step aside teenage highschool drama queens, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield is about to have a come back. rs_560x422-150624201910-560.Sweet-Valley-High.jl.062415 (1)Well, okay, its not confirmed yet. But you bet your butt that all of my body part are crossed! I so want this to happen!! Fangirl with me and read this news.







Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in a movie.

Emma Watson will star alongside Tom Hanks in a movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel “The Circle.Emma-Watson-GettyI actually haven’t heard of this book before but if its worthy enough to be a movie and worthy to have Emma and Tom as lead roles, then I think its worth reading. Add it on your TBR people.




Red Queen + Elizabeth Banks = ??

Yes… I STILL haven’t read this book. Stop throwing potatoes at me because I’m fixing that. Hopefully, before the movie comes out? What do you guys think? Should Elizabeth Bank go for it? 17878931 elizabeth_banks1

Who do you think should star in Red Queen film? Check out the news in here





Tahereh announced the news herself on Twitter. I’m pretty sure there’s details surrounding this news, but I didn’t like the book at all to research more. YAY for the fans though, ABC is known for outstanding series so I’m confident that they’ll do a great job. Unless, of course, they screw up the cast.



UNCLE RICK IS BACK (not that he went away in the first place)

I am crying….. CRYING! Of excitement. Of WANT. This book sounds so awesome I cannot even. And this is my favorite cover fromh him so far. Look at the beauty!




If you are not aware that I launched a new feature here on the blog…. WHY? 🙁 Author Takeover has published 8 issues already and they’ve been awesome so far! 

Don’t forget to keep coming back because I’m not kidding, the upcoming authors are just rockin’ epic. All nice people with to-die-for books.

I also searched for a coblogger this past month and I’ll be announcing the two of them on our Blogoversary which will be in JULY 15th! Please please be there and join the celebration. There’ll be lots of Thank You’s, giveaways and virtual hugs that will happen!



I just realized that this is my last year as a teenager! MY LAST YEAR! And it just freaked me out a little bit because there’s so many things that needs to be done you know? So many! I need to ride a rollercoaster already.

Also, did you know that I’m someone’s official Publicist? Thank you so much to O.E. Boroni for trusting me and treating me as a real friend even though we are miles apart. Woman, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME. Me and Faye are also planning to do a video collab! I’ll be the one with a paper bag on her face! What do you think? Should we go for it?

Well, there you go! I did it, I actually did it. How was your month friends? Any particular news that got you excited? Tell me how your JUNE was like! I wanna hear it 🙂