The Redeemers
Kate Morgan
Published August 3rd 2015 by Dark Recesses Press
YA > Fantasy
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3 ★★★

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Annie cheated death once. Hooded kidnappers nailed her to a cross but strangers pulled her down and healed her. Annie lost her unborn baby to the torture. Now she’s after answers and revenge.
Hounded from town to town, Annie gathers puzzle pieces about the killers but can’t fit them together. They call her “heretic” when they nearly catch her again—a word no one’s heard since the Last War ended 203 years ago. Even her traveling companions think she’s concealing vital information, and she’s got her own suspicions about them.
She sneaks into the killers’ hideaway and finds her answers just as three people are about to be ritually slaughtered. If she abandons revenge, she can try to save them. But heroes aren’t welcome in Annie’s “perfect” world.
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The Redeemers and I did have some problems here and there but by the time I finished it, my only thought was how stunning this book is. I started reading The Redeemers without knowing anything about it (because that’s just how I roll) so I really have no idea what I’m about to encounter. I can’t exactly tell you what the book is about in just a sentence because I feel like it has a hint of every genre that you can think of. Now, that may seem confusing, but Kate Morgan made it work.

Our main character, Annie, is very easy to sympathize with. She has been through A LOT in this book, and I cant help but admire her strength and courage. She’s that kind of heroine that you will root for from the very beginning. Kate Morgan really impressed me with her set of characters because of how well written they are. Even the side characters are done incredibly well.

The setting of this The Redeemers is so interesting and yes, it is set in a dystopian world. Where people look up to Gods that are in human form. Very unique and refreshing concept.

I did find the novel very slow and sometimes, filled with unnecessary information. Even the romance department was lacking, at least for me, that’s why I feel like there was something missing. We do have a love interest and he’s wonderful and this novel didn’t do the traditional romance but even with all that, I was searching for something… more. Good thing Kate Morgan’s writing is very hypnotizing that you won’t let the story go.

The Redeemers isn’t your usual afternoon read. It has one of the most unique concept I’ve ever read and lets not forget that the writing is brilliant! I recommend it for readers who are looking to be lost in an interesting world!








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Kate Morgan is a darn good cook. She grows her own veggies, knits stuffed monsters, and watches lots of Hammer Horror. 









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