I Crawl Through It
A.S. King
September 22nd 2015
YA | Contemporary | Magical Realism
336 Pages
eARC via NetGalley


3 ★★★1/2




Four teenagers are on the verge of exploding. The anxieties they face at every turn have nearly pushed them to the point of surrender: senseless high-stakes testing, the lingering damage of past trauma, the buried grief and guilt of tragic loss. They are desperate to cope, but no one is listening.
So they will lie. They will split in two. They will turn inside out. They will even build an invisible helicopter to fly themselves far away…but nothing releases the pressure. Because, as they discover, the only way to truly escape their world is to fly right into it.
The genius of acclaimed author A.S. King reaches new heights in this groundbreaking work of surrealist fiction; it will mesmerize readers with its deeply affecting exploration of how we crawl through traumatic experience-and find the way out.




I liked it. I didn’t like it. I am split in two. (That’s me attempting to make a reference to the book! lol)

For the most part, I feel like I Crawl Through It was over my head. Yes it was amazing, and yes I think it was genius, but I didn’t get it. I could tell when moments were intended to be meaningful and I recognized the symbolic parts but I couldn’t really figure it out.

The main characters in this book are Stanzi, China, Lansdale, and Gustav. Stanzi, China and Lansdale have clearly been through unimaginable tragedies, and seem to suffer from PTSD. This fact is never really mentioned outright,  but as a reader you should be able to easily infer it.

These characters are very…uh…I don’t even know how to describe them. Gustav is building an invisible helicopter, which only Stanzi can see on Tuesdays (isn’t that something.) Lansdale is a compulsive liar and her hair is described as growing when she lies, similarly to Pinocchio’s nose. China turns herself inside out. Some days she is a only a stomach, other days only a gallbladder, sometimes a duodenum.

I Crawl Through It, complete with disappearing helicopters, many mentions of organs, geniuses, and beautiful, unique, writing is a good book. It will probably leave you with an interesting taste in your mouth, and probably a confused look on your face.

I have so far enjoyed all of the A.S. King books I’ve read. Her characters and writing style are so unique and she is so good at incorporating magical realism into her stories. I recommend you read I Crawl Through It so you can decide for yourself if this book is pure genius or something else. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to figure this book out way more then I was able too.