Hello, everyone! I’m here again. Yep, now that I hibernated you can’t get rid of me even that easily. Me, along with the other bloggers of Her Book Thoughts would like to greet you all a Happy, HAPPY New Year! 2015 has been great and challenging for each one of us. We get to read, talk to other readers, meet new bloggers and even interact with authors! We just want to say thank you from the bottom of our bookish hearts that YOU (yes, YOU) have been a part of it. Let’s rock 2016 with our awesomenessss!!

…okay Paula,  what is this post really about?

Well, I honestly don’t know why I thought of re-introducing our beautiful selves again and how would it  help anything but I figured since it’s a new year, this would be a great opportunity. Besides, lets face it, some of you may not even know me, or us. There’s 4 of us who is *trying* to keep this crazy (but fun!) workplace running. I’ll be forever grateful for Rhea, Marla and Sam for helping me out with the blog. And to be honest, I need them when I have to fangirl so hard about something… or someone. Our bookish hearts are connected and yes, that’s just cheesy but that’s me. Cheesy Paula!

…oh-kaayyyy, can we just meet them please?

Yes! Before I totally embarrass myself. Right here is Rhea who loves NA more than anything (I assume about things, please forgive me. Feel free to butt in, Rhea! Just don’t hurt me) This girl is kick ass, I’m telling you. You don’t do instalove or crazy love triangle in front of this lady.  You just don’t. IMG_4662 This sweet pea here is Marla. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you. This girls reviews can  be so brutally honest, you will bleed. But she’s nice. So nice. She’s A++++ when it comes to fangirling. She loves How To Get Away With Murder anddddd she ship FLaurel. Totally bff material tbh. wpid-wp-1452191660028.jpeg And our baby of course. Pretty Sam! Who is much much taller than me despite of her age, I’m just so sure that this is a fact. She has a booktube (okay I have no idea if this term is right but yeah it’s a YouTube channel that is about books) How awesome is that?! Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset And you might be sick of me but come on people this is necessary. This is me. I love people, coffee, pandas, and books. That’s really everything you need to know about me. Well, no (I might be interesting you know) but that’s all I will say because I tend to talk non-stop. So, Hellloooooo! 735060_556686464485048_1685316530267469475_n

…..do I really need to know all of you?

If you’re nice and you like books and you will come back on our blog, then big fat YES. We are people who cry about fictional characters and stay up all night to finish a book. Seriously, how normal are we???????

…..uhm, yeah. Normal.

ANYWAY, that’s the squad! You can talk to us individually through our Goodreads, Twitter or Instagram (I don’t have one since its too cool for me) accounts. And yes, we’re totally into talking! Say Hi, Hello or whatever and because we’re always looking for another blogger/reader to fangirl with. I’m sorry that’s just how it works. Thank you people for reading! Don’t forget to say HI or introduce yourself on the comments section. We’d love to know YOUU!