Identity Crisis

Melissa Schorr

Expected publication: January 18th 2016 by Merit Press

YA > Contemporary | Romance

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When curvaceous Annalise Bradley’s scandalous freshman year hookup sparks the anger of her female classmates, three of them decide to get her back by “catfishing” her, creating a fake online profile of the perfect boy to toy with her affections.

Against her better nature, introverted Noelle Spiers, goes along with her friends’ plan, hoping to distract Annalise from dreamy Cooper Franklin, her lifelong crush who has fallen for Annalise instead.

As Annalise discovers she is being played and seeks revenge, Noelle increasingly regrets her role in the cruel hoax and tries to salvage their relationship.

Told in alternative perspectives, IDENTITY CRISIS covers romance, betrayal, and timeless friendship in the age of modern technology.



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Thanks for having me today. I’m excited to share a few real-life “behind-the-scenes” inspirations for IDENTITY CRISIS!
Anytime, Melissa! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
1) A Hawaiian football player. A Sister Wife. Teenager Megan Meier. What do these three have in common? All were “catfished” — fell prey to a fake online romance with someone who never really existed. News stories and the MTV show “Catfish” got me thinking — how does a person let themselves get fooled? But also, what motivates someone to do that to someone else? 
2) The opening scene in my book was stolen from my all-time favorite lesson from high school. Well, at least, that I can still remember. During my senior year “Math for Dummies” class, our assignment was to calculate the probability of getting different color candies from a bag of M&Ms. Fun and tasty! (I was actually a math nerd that went to Bronx Science, but was too burned out by senior year to endure AP Calculus). Kudos to the brilliant teacher that came up with it.
3) One of the mean girls, Tori, runs an online beauty pageant called #InstaHotOrNot, which was inspired by real online beauty pageants that were rating teen girls’ photos against one another. It was incredibly fun to orchestrate this particular pageant’s very public “take-down.”
4) The last scene of the book at the concert arena has been described by one critic as, ahem, “over the top” — and maybe it is — but in my defense, it was taken from a true event. Remember what happened (no spoilers!) at the 2013 SuperBowl?





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Melissa Schorr is the YA author of GOY CRAZY (Hyperion 2006) and IDENTITY CRISIS (forthcoming, Merit Press 2016), and a contributor to the YA anthology DEAR BULLY.

She is currently a contributing writer/editor to the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Her freelance work has appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, People, Self, San Francisco magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. 

Melissa currently lives in Boston with her husband, her daughters, and her dog, Bailey.






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