15711341                                               TITLE: Written In Red (The Others #1)
                                               AUTHOR: Anne Bishop
                                               PUBLICATION: Published March 5th 2013 by NAL Hardcover
                                               GENRE: A > Urban Fantasy | Paranormal | Romance
                                               PAGES: 433pages (Hardcover)
                                               SOURCE: Own (Kindle)
                                               RATING: 5★★★★★
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17563080TITLE:Murder Of Crows (The Others #2)
AUTHOR:Anne Bishop
PUBLICATION:Published March 4th 2014 by Roc
GENRE: A > Urban Fantasy | Paranormal | Romance
PAGES: 369pages (Kindle Edition)
SOURCE: Own (Kindle)
RATING: 4★★★★
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WARNING: There’s an 80% chance that this review won’t make any sense. Raad at your own risk.

So since Goodreads already has a lot of glorifying reviews of these amazing novels, I’ll just make my review short. And I’ll combine the first and second novel reviews since there’s just one thing I felt towards both of them. And that is, LOVE..



All I know is I’m shipping two people so hard right now and it’s killing me.




Written Is Red is that book that I feel like I shouldn’t like, but I did. I mean, I admit, I did feel bored at the first few chapters… but I was also enamored. I CANNOT STOP READING. Anne Bishop made a terrifying race, a dangerous yet fascinating world, and I want to be in it.

The book is about The Others, a race that has been living on the planet since it was created and people are actually aware of them. They’re called the terra indigene and they are dangerous. They first roamed the earth and as far as they’re concerned, they also own it. They are the predators. They eat without mercy. They do not see humans other than meat. And they they don’t hesitate in killing. But, only when certain rules are crossed. That’s why it’s important to keep the peace between humans and terra indigene.

Meg though is different, so different that Simon (who was always grumpy all the time, if you ask me) even gave her a chance to stay in the Courtyard (terra indegenes territory) and even make her their Human Liaison.

Anne Bishop’s characters are just so darn well developed. They’re not perfect, I’m pretty sure they’re still room for improvements for some of them but THEY ARE AUTHENTIC. Scarily real. So freakin’ unforgettable. Meg isn’t the best MC, I’d tell you that. She might come as boring or/and a dimwit to some readers but she’s funny and real and strong and so so likeable. Simon on the other hand..

God, this man. This MAN! I DONT KNOW. He’s so douchey and grumpy and I hated him at first but what is he doing at me right now.


Yeah, that’s not the best explanation. Sorry. Look, I love every characters in this book. Whether it’s a bear, an owl, a vampire, there’s Winter and Air, a crow, even the humans… I LOVE THEM ALL. There’s no discrimination in my heart. They all live here now. Species in Anne Bishop’s world aren’t fluffy and cuddly (though they can be if they wanted to). They’re terrifying and I love how Bishop wrote them. They aren’t hidden also. Which is a big surprise for me since creatures like them were always so hidden.

This is also the first time it happened, but I was at 60% and I feel like questioning myself that ‘WHY DO I FEEL LIKE NOTHING IS STILL HAPPENING?’ But no, I continued reading. I couldn’t stop anyway. Written In Red’s ending was so satisfying and intense. I actually read it for 3 times while clutching anything I can hold on to. 

And now, the Murder Of Crows.

Oh this one has a much much slower pace for me. I know that it’s going somewhere but it felt like ages before we got there. Not complaining though. Anne Bishop has this way of writing that even though nothing really is happening in a particular scene, you’ll still cobble up every word she drops.

Characters were more personified. More introduced. The relationship with each and everyone was highlighted and even though The Others were the monsters, they are more of a family than human can be. I just like how everything is bonded. And Meg made step up when it comes to her character here. I just love this girl so much. Even though in her situation, she’s not whining or anything. You can really see the determination in her and I cannot believe it, but she did not annoy me even a bit. HA.

Meg and Simon is still not together though. So, there’s that. But their relationship is stepping up. I like how EVERYONE OF US knows what they’re feeling for each other, and they don’t. The way they are confused about this things are so freaking hilarious. I’m a huge fan of slow-burning romance. But I’ve had enough. I’m ready now for some action. So hopefully, the third book has that in store for me, along with the action pack and awesome plot of course.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I adored it so much, I cannot contain my love for it.

I’ll forever love Simon and Meg.


And will always be a fan of Anne Bishop from now on.

These novels were nothing but mesmerizing. It was absorbing, totally captivating and utterly fascinating with complex and quirky characters! I cannot wait for the third book to come out!! The wait is just asdfghjkl



But it’s okay, I have a feeling it’ll be worth it.



Any other Wolf I should know of? Even vampires will do! Hit me up with your recommendations!