I am currently accepting Review Request and Book Tour requests. But before leaving a message, make sure that you have already read the list I left here. Thank you in advance and can’t wait for your email. 

1. REVIEWS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Requesting doesn’t mean I automatically accept to review your book. It’s still up to me if I want to review your book or not. 🙂

2. I DO NOT GIVE DEADLINES. If I replied it means I’ll review your book, I just don’t know when. Just specify on your email if you need the review in a certain time and date and I’ll let you now if ‘ll be able to review it on your preferred time. 

3. YA is the priority of my Blog. But I do review MGNA and A. I accept all genres under those FICTIONS, but I do prioritize: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy and Paranormal.

4. I accept ebooks, print copies. I’m from the Philippines and I do understand that shipping cost a lot so I am happily accepting ebooks. (ARC or Finished Copies)

5. I am open for guest posts and advertisements.

  • GUEST POST: If you want to say hello to my followers or to be interviewed by me. 

NOTE: This is ONLY APPLICABLE to the genres I prefer. Also, I do not accept request that have a malicious or offensive cover.

6. When leaving a message (review request, Guest post, Advertisement) PLEASE leave a detailed message.

Review Request:

  •      Title, Book Description, and the book cover.

Guest Post:

  •     Whether you want me to pick the topic or you.


  •    Information about the book you want to advertise.

 7. Lastly, IF I didn’t reply for more than a week, then it only means that sadly I won’t/can’t review your book. 




To leave a request, you can email me (the reviewer) at this email address: cllauislove@yahoo.com

Other ways to connect with me:




Just leave a message and wait for a response.



I do not usually include the blurb of the book when I review. Usually it’s 2 to 3 paragraphs and it focuses on why did i choose to review it, my thoughts about the characters, plot and the writing. Included are my likes and dislikes about the whole book.


CONFIDENTIALITY: I understand and agree that any ARC’s received are copyrighted material and belongs only to the Author. I will not reproduce, share, or pirate any copies sent to the blog/blogger. 



Her Book Thoughts is now widening it’s services!!

I love authors. Whether they’re self published or not, I know how passionate and hard working they can be. That’s why I know that not everyone can do it alone. Maybe I can’t help in the actual writing, but there’s a lot of things that I can help you with. In 3-8 hours, I CAN:

– Do a BETA read for you.
– Handle or assist you on your social media accounts.
– Answer and/or write emails concerning you or your books via your guidelines
– Organize and maintain Street Team.
– Freshen and maintain website while assisting to increase visibility.
– Assist in marketing campaigns.
– Blogger outreach
– Handle giveaways from set-up to mailing prizes.
– Flexibility to handle additional tasks or challenges
– Handle NetGalley Approvals
-Assemble Tour Kits
– Update your GOODREADS or AMAZON profiles.

There are still a lot of things that can be discussed so if you’re interested, email me at cllauislove@yahoo.com and we can talk about the pricing and concerns that you have.

Thank you!