avatar171694-largeHi! I’m Paula Micahella. Paula M. Paula. Pau. Ella. Whatever works for you. I’m 19, from the Philippines and has a thing with books. Reading and Reviewing books are just two of my many passions. I loves all books that falls into YA and NA that has Romance in it. You can be friends with me by treating me a coffee and joining me to listen to The Avett Brothers all day. Or you could just make me a mixtape. That would be awesome! When you can’t find me planted in front of a computer, you’ll see my nose stuck in a book or my eyes glued on my e-reader. I love stalking authors and I’m in love with blogging, words & writing..

I consider myself an author’s bestfriend. I can be snarky at my revirews but I’m totally sweet. I love helping authors in making their books be known (especially if I loved it) I’m a HUGE Indie Authors supporter.


Some random things about me:


  • Avett Fanatic.
  • Coffee Addict.
  • Believer.
  • Nerdfighter.
  • Jesus worshipper.
  • A follower.
  • A leader.
  • A bibliophile.
  • A Book Junkie.
  • A Wordshaker.
  • A PotterHead.
  • A Janeite.
  • Author stalker.
  • loves reading…
  • loves words..
  • loves smiling..
  • loves people..
  • loves bullets..
  • obviously.

More Random Things:

  • Paris is at the top of my list of places I want to visit one day.
  • I’m always smiling, and making others smile too. 
  • I don’t like One Direction, at all.
  • Stars fascinate me to the extent where I can just stare at them, mesmerised for hours without end.
  • I think old people are adorable.
  • I’m addicted to ice-coffee.
  • The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done is cheat on a test, which is kind of pathetic.
  • I forgive people quickly..
  • I like to talk to random people whenever I get the chance to, after all, we all start as strangers..
  • I love reading and writing.
  • My favorite word is love.
  • I could listen to The Avett Brothers all day.
  • I want to meet Bono.
  • I both love Superman and Batman.

You can reach me through these accounts:

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  1. Hi,
    I’d Like for you to consIder my book for review and an interview if you have the availability.
    I Can gift you the ebook. Just need the email linked to your kindle.
    My book Is christian/military fiction.
    I’ll Also hit you up on twitter.

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